Friday, August 19, 2011

Alberta and Canada sign new 20-year contract for RCMP as provincial police service

  • Alberta is first among provinces and territories to sign

The governments of Alberta and Canada agreed to a new 20-year contract that will see the RCMP continue as Alberta’s provincial police force to March 31, 2032.

Under the agreement, the current cost sharing between Alberta, at 70 per cent, and Canada, at 30 per cent, is maintained, and the Government of Canada has approval to enter into arrangements with Alberta municipalities for the RCMP to provide local policing. In addition, Alberta will set the objectives, priorities and goals of the RCMP in the province, and added emphasis will be given to information sharing, planning, and reporting.

Forty-three municipalities with populations of more than 5,000 will contract directly with Canada for local policing. The RCMP also provides policing to all municipal districts and counties and Metis settlements regardless of population; to towns, villages and summer villages with populations under 5,000; and to First Nations communities where other policing arrangements have not been made.

“This is wonderful news for the province and for Albertans,” said Premier Ed Stelmach. “This agreement makes good financial sense for Alberta and strengthens a valuable relationship with a partner who continues to play a key role after more than a century keeping Alberta communities safe. I would like to thank everyone involved in ironing out this deal to keep the RCMP in Alberta, which has been a priority for our government.”

“Today is a significant milestone for RCMP contract policing,” said Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews. “I am very pleased to announce that after almost four years of negotiations, the Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta have reached an agreement that will continue the relationship between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the people of Alberta for the next two decades. The terms of the agreement reached with Alberta represent excellent value to Canadians and are available to all contract provinces and territories.”

“This new agreement is a critical step forward for both Alberta and the RCMP,” said Frank Oberle, Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security. “It establishes a modern relationship built on consultation, respect for each other’s roles and responsibilities, and an understanding of each other’s needs. RCMP contract policing has been an effective model across Canada for many years, and this renewed relationship will help us address the rapidly evolving, cross-jurisdictional nature of crime.”

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