Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The end of analog tv

Are you receiving me?
Chris Davis

Some Pincher Creek and area citizens turned on their television sets to find nothing but static this morning.

Without much fanfare, but with plenty of warning, Canada's television broadcast system went digital. The analog tv signal is a thing of the past. Digital TV (DTV) is not a backwards-compatible system, meaning tv sets with analog tuners cannot pick up the signals without a digital tuner and an antenna.
Most newer tv sets already have a digital tuner built in. Cable customers are not affected by the change.

The Pincher Creek Walmart was out of stock of digital conversion systems today, leading to frustration for some.

While channel selection with the new digital tuners is not equivalent to a cable subscription, even those with older tv sets should see an improvement in the quality of picture and sound they receive.

DTV uses considerably less bandwith for transmission, freeing some of the newly available bandwith, that currently occupied by UHF channels 52 through 69, for other purposes. It could be used for wireless internet, emergency services, and a host of other applications.

Some are predicting a resurgence in rabbit-ear television, as some may opt to go back to pulling their television signals from the air for free, eschewing monthly cable fees.

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