Friday, August 19, 2011

Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo Team Roping results

Chris Davis

The Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo got off to a fast start yesterday, August 18 with Team Roping. 114 entrants competed for a total of $6840.64 in prizes. The team of Header Mace Prozak and Heeler Colter McDonald took first place in the competition with a time of 18.75/3, taking home $909.84 each. Header Clint Weston and Heeler Cam McDonald placed second, with a time of 20.73/3. Chance Paradis and Colter McDonald took third place with a time of 22.28/3.

Steers were supplied by Troy Houff.

Stay tuned, we will have photos and more information from this and other Pro Rodeo events over the course of the weekend.
What is Team Roping?

According to the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association :

"Two cowboys, a "header" and a "heeler" work to rope a steer in the shortest time possible. The steer gets a head start before the header leaves the box. The header throws his rope to catch the steer with one of three legal head catches: around the head and one horn, around the neck, or around both horns. If the cowboy fails to give the steer the head start, the team receives a 10-second penalty.

Once the header has caught the steer, he wraps the rope around the saddle horn (dallies) and turns left with the steer in tow. The heeler then ropes both hind legs of the steer and dallies his rope. Once the slack has been taken out of both ropes and the contestants are facing each other, the flag drops and time stops. If the heeler only catches one leg, a 5-second penalty is added. If the heeler throws his loop before the header has turned the steer left, that is called a "crossfire" and the run is disqualified." -

Note: Thanks to Rose Lang for being so helpful with getting us the results in such a timely fashion.  You're still the greatest!

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