Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On a positive note: Friends In Sync

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

members of Friends In Sync
Brenda Squair photo
Friends in Sync are a local non-religious choir group that is held together by the love of music.  They usually perform publicly about 6 times a year.  Pat Toney has been directing them for four years.  "It is fun, and a chance for everyone to get together."  She said.
They practice every Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm at Canyon School.
The first practice of the season, on Tuesday night, September 13, had three new faces out of a total 15 ladies. Toney is open to more voices joining in.  "It is a two hour a week commitment.  It is so rewarding to hear everyone harmonizing together," she enthused.
With Brenda Squair accompanying on piano, the group warmed up their voices and went into a few songs that they had practiced last year.  New performers were sorted into their vocal range and paired with someone within that range that had more experience.
If you would like to join Friends in Sync,  call Pat Toney at 403-627-3153.

Pincher Creek Town Council Meeting, September 12, 2011

Pincher Creek Town Council settles into renovated Chambers
C. Davis photo

Pincher Creek's Town Council met on Monday evening, September 12.
In attendance: Mayor Ernie Olsen and Councillors Don Anderberg, Sahra Nodge, Lorne Jackson, Wayne Oliver, and Roy Smyth.

Update on missing toddler Kienan Hebert

Update, September 13, 2011: CTV news reports suspected abductor Randall Hopley was arrested near the Crowsnest Pass this morning.  CBC reports RCMP tracked Hopley using dogs to a vacant home near the Alberta/British Columbia border Click here for the CTV story.  Click here for the CBC story.

Update, September 11, 2011: Kienan has been reunited with his family.  Click here for more information. Out of respect for the privacy of a minor and his family, all images of Kienan intended to help locate him will now be removed from this website.

Inquiry into Access Request may affect Water Well Owners and Tenants in Alberta

Government of Alberta news release
Beginning October 18, 2011, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC) will conduct a public inquiry into an access for information request. The inquiry may affect private landowners and tenants who have submitted well water samples to provincial authorities for testing purposes.

An applicant requested information from Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW) in relation to well water testing and other information between 1986 and 2011. AHW denied access to some of the information and said that it did not have other information.

Results from the Nanton High School Rodeo, September 9 and 10

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Ryley Jenkins
Ryley Jenkins, Pincher Creek 
Placed first in Saddle Bronc on Friday and Saturday.
Placed third in Boys Cutting on both days.

Cooper Zur
Cooper Zur, Lundbreck
Placed first in Bull Riding on Saturday, after placing second on Friday.
Placed third in the Bareback event both days
Placed fourth in Team Roping on Saturday.

Morgan Michalsky, Lundbreck, did well in Goat Tying on Friday, placing fourth.

Sam Mitchell, Twin Butte, placed fourth in Saddle Bronc on Friday

There will be another High School Rodeo at Nanton this weekend, Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18.

For full results from last weekend`s Nanton High School Rodeo visit

Rain, Deer, it must be fall

C. Davis photos
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

This beautiful 4-point buck has decided to forego the rural life for a while, opting to settle down in town for a while.  Give 'em an inch and they'll take a yard.

Connecting to the Cosmos

CALC Press release

C. Davis photo
Next week, the Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council (CALC) will host a short general interest course entitled Connecting to the Cosmos.

The course will run from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Tuesday, September 20 and Thursday, September 22.

The registration deadline is Friday September 16th, and the cost is $40 per person. The classroom can comfortably accommodate around 20 people.

Committee of the Whole Meeting, September 1, 2011

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice, with extensive material from the Committee of the Whole Meeting minutes, September 1, 2011 session

C. Davis photo
On Thursday, September 1, 2011 the Town of Pincher Creek Committee of the Whole (COTW) met in Council Chambers. Among other things, on the agenda was a proposal to install a crosswalk at Sleepy Hollow Campground along Waterton Avenue, which resulted in a recommendation that administration send a letter to Rick Lemire of Alberta Transportation in support of the idea.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer turns to fall

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

C. Davis photo
Temperatures have been well above average the last few weeks, but our long and glorious summer seems to be finally turning into fall.  According to the Weather Network, we can expect overcast skies and rain on Tuesday, September 13, followed by a gradual return to more seasonal temperatures over the next couple of weeks.

Pincher Creek Pee Wee Football Jamboree results

Coach Tom Holoboff, Contributor

Mustangs vs Comets
C. Davis photo
Well football fans, the first annual Pincher Creek Mustangs PeeWee Football Jamboree has come and gone, and by all accounts it was a huge success. The hometown Mustangs were joined by the Claresholm Raiders, the Coaldale Bears, and the Raymond Comets on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

Volunteers needed for Pincher Creek historical project

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice, with submitted material

The Town of Pincher Creek is looking for volunteers that are interested in the heritage of our community

Phillip's House, Pincher Creek
C. Davis photo
The Town of Pincher Creek and the Pincher Creek and District Historical Society (PCDHS) are undertaking a survey of pre-1950’s buildings in the community. The architecture, condition and history of over 300 buildings will to be recorded on site survey forms along with current photographs. Volunteers will work in teams and visit assigned locations. This project is to be completed over the next year.

This project, called “Creating a Future for Alberta’s Historic Places”, needs people who are willing to put in some time towards creating a record for posterity of early Pincher Creek. This project is flexible and can accomodate the volunteer's schedule.
Training that covers how to complete forms and determine the architectural styles, type of windows, foundations, roof structures, etc. will be provided free of charge. All materials necessary will be provided.

Disaster recovery assistance available for severe summer weather

Government of Alberta news release

Five regional programs help flood recovery

The Alberta government is committing up to $34.2 million to help residents, small business owners, agricultural producers and municipalities recover uninsurable losses from flooding this summer.

An interview with Coach Wayne Alexander of the Senior Mustangs

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Coach Wayne Alexander
C. Davis photo
I had a chance to chat with Senior Mustangs Offensive Co-ordinator/ Coach Wayne Alexander in between winning plays by the Bantam Mustangs  on Saturday.  Alexander is a man who knows his football, and speaks with a fluency and ease that needs little intervention or prodding.  This is a man who lives and breathes football.  He also seems to genuinely care about the positive impact football can make in the lives of his young athletes.  Following is the text of that conversation, in his own words.

"I've coached for 39 years in three different provinces and I've been involved with successful programs in the past, and some that weren't so successful. The thing that all the winning teams have is a football program, meaning they have from Pee Wee, Bantam,to Highschool. They have feeder programs.  You have to have the support of the community as well.  I came to Pincher Creek for several reasons... I heard that there was a football community, a feeling of wanting to have football here, but the programs were struggling a bit, if "struggling involved wins. I don't think that's necessarily the criteria for a successful program.  I think creating young men who make wise decisions and don't give up when they are down on the field and then later in life they don't give up on life...I think we're giving people skills for life," said Alexander.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bragging rights

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Thank you very much, Pincher Creek and everyone else who is helping make our little endeavour a success.  Today we hit a new level of readership with over 1000 pageviews in one day.  The timer is a bit off on the stats counter, it thinks the day ends at 8 pm, so in the graph below yesterday is actually mostly today.  "Today" represents pageviews between 8 pm and 10 pm local time.  In one day we had approximately 10% of the pageviews we had all month last month, our first full month of publication.
Start spreading the news....

zooming in...

In Whose Name?

Phil Burpee, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

Phil Burpee
On November 10, 1995, Kenule "Ken" Beeson Saro Wiwa, a poet, environmental activist, television producer and persistent bugbear in the eyes of Shell Oil (Royal Dutch Shell) and the military government of General Sani Abacha of Nigeria, was hanged along with eight community leaders on hasty and spurious charges brought by a military tribunal. Ken Saro Wiwa had long agitated for compensation and reparations for his people, the Ogoni, of the Niger Delta where oil had been extracted since the 1950s, resulting in hundreds of spills, leaky pipelines, persecution of native dwellers, non-remunerative exploitation of a local resource, and the ongoing contamination of soils and water. He was the President of MOSOP, the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People. The execution of Saro Wiwa was widely condemned and universally perceived as being a reaction born of political expedience and industry agitation, if not actual complicity.

Missing Sparwood child reunited with family

The abducted Sparwood child Kienan Hebert, who was the subject of an intense manhunt after being abducted from his home on has reportedly been returned to his family.  The story broke first on Facebook, around 4 am Sunday morning, September 11  with multiple sources reporting he had been returned to someone's house, after which the RCMP were called on a cellphone.

The child's father confirmed his son had been found on a local radio station, according to CTV news.

"Within 12 hours of family plea for return, child returned by suspect," Moskaluk reportedly 'tweeted'.

Kienan had been missing since Wednesday morning last week.

Sources:  CTV, CBC, Twitter, Facebook

Note: Out of respect for the privacy of a minor and his family, all images of Kienan, which were intended to help find him, will now be removed from this website.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Notes from the Football Saturday sidelines, September 10, 2011

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Editor's note: We will post extensive coverage of this weekend's football action soon.

Jennifer and Ryan Halcrow
T. Lucas photo
Jennifer and Ryan Halcrow  brought out their professional DJ gear for the Pee Wee Jamboree held at the Matthew Halton field on Saturday, and announced the game to the crowd play by play, spinning music between the action.   Shay Robertson, Jennifer's son,  was wearing #51 for the Pee Wee Mustangs during the jamboree.  Jennifer really enjoyed supporting the team.  "It was fun, and the boys on all the teams played their hearts out today," she said afterward.  The volunteer efforts of these two were appreciated by the crowd.  In addition to his announcing duties, Ryan kept the crowd entertained by leading them in "waves" during the lulls between games.

Clairsholm's Thibert and Chlairn
T. Lucas photo
Tason Chlairn,  #22 of the Claresholm Raiders,  posed for a photo-op with Raiders Coach Garth Thibert after their victory against Coaldale at the Pincher Creek Pee Wee Jamboree.  Although today was the first time that Tason played football for the team, he was not a newcomer to the world of plays and strategy.  "I have played hockey before and I wanted to try something new, and it (the game) was fun," said Chlairn.  Coach Thibert thought his kids played hard today.  "From August to February it is all about Football, and the kids," he said.

Coaldale's Jay Stobert
T. Lucas photo
The Coaldale Bears have a dedicated teammate in #80, Jay Stobert.  He played in every Coaldale game on Saturday, September 10, including 3 Pee Wee games in the Jamboree and the Bantam game afterwards. He is the running back and substitute quarterback in the Pee Wee division, and was invited to play with the Bantams for the last game of the day.
When asked how he felt about playing in his fourth game in one day,  Jay said "It is daunting".

Bantam Refs Daryl Sutter, Duce Cross Child, James Olsen, Kevin Sudo, Chris Soklowski
Toni Lucas photo
Unsung heroes
Referees have a duty to perform in football, as in all organized sports.  One of their duties is to enforce the rules of the game.  The referee is alternately the most appreciated and most reviled man on the field, and always the most unsung.  "I find it to be very rewarding," said Daryl Sutter.   "If you can't play, or you can't coach, you can ref," said Duce Cross Child.  Kevin Sudo extended an invitation to potential refs. "We are always looking for more to volunteer.  It is a great way to support the team," he said.  "The refs always have the best seats in the house," said Chris Soklowski.
To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please phone 403-315-0711.

Winners of the 50/50 draws at the Pee Wee Jamboree:
First draw, unknown name, $106.  Second draw, $125, Colleen Hann. Third draw, $91, Norma Reynolds.

Road Hockey Tournament a breakaway success

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Chris Davis photo
Saturday's first annual Road Hockey Tournament proved to be a very popular event, with dozens of kids taking part.  Held in the parking lot between Sobey's and the Pincher Creek Memorial Arena, three separate rinks were set up for the kids to play on.  Inside the arena, bouncy tents offered a cool getaway from the sweltering heat, as temperatures hovered near 30 degrees. Cotton candy, hamburgers, drinks, dj music,  and more were available to the crowd gathered to watch or join in.

Some kids who had never played hockey before discovered they really enjoyed it, discovering a previously unknown passion for the sport.  Kids who were already keen hockey players got to enjoy playing it in unusually warm circumstances.

Organizers of this event were quite pleased at the turnout, and are to be congratulated for instigating such a fine idea.

Premier Stelmach recognizes government teams for innovative work

Government of Alberta news release

Nine public service teams were recognized for their business excellence and outstanding client service on various projects including a plan to end homelessness, efforts to improve education for children in care and an online campsite reservation system.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Third Party Advertising legislation comes into effect September 15

Government of Alberta - Elections Alberta is prepared to implement new provincial legislation that will require Third Party Advertisers to register and to file financial statements with the Chief Electoral Officer.  The legislation will also affect contributors to third party advertisers.

Pincher Creek Senior Mustangs exhibit winning plays against Cranbrook

Mustangs vs Wild
C. Davis photos/video
The Pincher Creek Senior Mustangs played two exhibition halfs against the Cranbrook Wild tonight, Friday, September 9 at the Matthew Halton field. Building on their victory in last week's exhibition game victory against High River, the Mustangs rewarded a vocal hometown crowd with a definitive show of prowess.
Mustang Tayte Hale-Goddard in the endzone
This was a tighter Mustangs team than the one we saw at practice or even last week.  When they needed to build a wall, they built a wall.  When they needed to run, they ran.  The confidence factor was there throughout.

The first half saw the Mustangs demonstrating their newfound edge.  This half saw each team run 10 plays, and the Mustangs were well ahead in points. In the second half, a regular half of football,  they were definitively dominant, well ahead in the scoring

Mustangs Football this weekend

Senior Mustangs vs Coaldale this Friday evening
C. Davis photo
The Senior Mustangs have an exhibition game scheduled against Cranbrook, Friday, September 9 at the Matthew Halton field, 5:30 pm.

Pee Wee Mustangs
 practicing for Jamboree

Chris Davis photo
Pee Wee Mustangs Jamboree this Saturday
The Pincher Creek Pee Wee Mustangs are holding a football Jamboree at the Matthew Halton Field this Saturday, September 10.

  • 9 am: Pincher Creek vs Claresholm
  • 10 am:  Raymond vs Coledale 
  • 11 am: Claresholm vs Raymond 
  • 1 pm: Pincher Creek vs Raymond 
  • 2 pm: Coaldale vs Claresholm
Junior Mustangs to face Coaldale
Chris Davis photo
Junior Mustangs vs Coaldale this Saturday
The Pincher Creek Junior Mustangs play Coaldale at the Matthew Halton Field at 3:30 pm, after the Pee Wee Jamboree, on Saturday, September 10


Update, September 11, 2011: Kienan has been reunited with his family.  Click here for more information. Out of respect for the privacy of a minor and his family, all images of Kienan intended to help locate him will now be removed from this website.

RCMP news release

Elk Valley RCMP have issued an AMBER ALERT in its efforts to locate 3 year old Kienan Hebert of Sparwood BC, reported missing from the family home this morning, Wednesday September 7, 2011.

Kienan Hebert is described as:
Age: 3 years old
Hair: red
Race: Caucasian
Descriptors: He was last seen wearing a blue pair of “Scooby Doo” boxer shorts

Randall Peter Hopley
Police are also looking for Randall Peter Hopley
Age: 46
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Race: Caucasian
Descriptors: He has a birthmark along his hairline

Toyota Camry,  Plate 098 RAL

Editor's note: It has been indicated to us from several sources that this is the same model and year as Hopley's car, not his actual car, so its condition may vary from this photograph.

Police are also searching for Hopley’s vehicle described as:
Brown 1987 Toyota Camry
BC License Plate 098 RAL

Anyone who may have seen Kienan, Randall Hopley or Hopley’s vehicle are asked to call 9-1-1 immediately.

Further updates will be provided when new information is available.

-end of press release-
Another photo of Randall Hopley:

Randall Hopley

Update from  Search and Rescue at the moment have a strong group of volunteers searching, but note that the search could possibly be lengthy, and fresh feet and eyes will be needed come this evening. Sparwood Mine Rescue teams are also on site and will be helping to lead the searches.

Update: More information about this story at
Update: More information about Randall Hopley, click here for last year's Crowsnest Pass Promoter story
Update: Click here for The Globe and Mail story, more detailed than most.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poultry processor charged for unauthorized release of substance

Government of Alberta information bulletin

The Alberta government has laid charges against Lilydale Inc., for the release of a substance that could have caused a significant adverse effect and for failing to make a timely report of the release to Alberta Environment.

The charges, laid under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, relate to an alleged release of ammonia that took place on September 13, 2009, at Lilydale’s Ramsay facility in Calgary.
The first court appearance is set for October 21, at the Calgary Provincial Court.

Alberta Environment focuses on education, prevention and enforcement to ensure all Albertans continue to enjoy a clean and healthy environment. When individuals or companies fail to comply with legislation, Alberta Environment has a range of options, depending on the offence, to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

To view Alberta Environment’s recent compliance and enforcement actions, visit

Inquiry into Access Request may affect Water Well Owners and Tenants in Alberta

Government of Alberta news release

Beginning October 18, 2011, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC) will conduct a public inquiry into an access for information request. The inquiry may affect private landowners and tenants who have submitted well water samples to provincial authorities for testing purposes.

Local cowboy Cooper Zur qualifies for FCA finals

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Proud Grandpa Walter with Cooper Zur
Chris Davis photo
After a successful weekend at the Pincher Creek High School Rodeo, Lundbreck area cowboy Cooper Zur won the Boys Steer Riding competition on Monday, September 5 in Cochrane.  This qualified him for the Foothills Cowboy Association (FCA) finals in Red Deer, to be held during the October long weekend.
Zur also won the Altie Rutledge Memorial Trophy at the Pincher Creek event, awarded each year to the local High Point contestant, and the average in Bull Riding.

Heritage Acres hosts the Colorado High Peaks Club

Toni Lucas and Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice
Bill and Peggy Wolf
Chris Davis photo
The Colorado High Peaks Club (CHPC) made a long pit stop in Pincher Creek yesterday, staying at the Ramada Inn and driving their Model-T and Model-A Fords out to Heritage Acres for a tour of the facility, followed by a tasty feast.

Heritage Acres
Chris Davis photo
Kansas State Representative Bill Wolf and his wife Peggy were back for their second visit. "This is our second year visiting Heritage Acres.  We like being in Alberta," said Bill.  Back home in Kansas Bill is the Assistant Chairman of the Child and Family Committee.  On vacation and traveling in their gorgeous 1914 Model-T, he clearly enjoys being an open-road adventurer, as does Peggy. In 2004 Ford announced that this car, the 1914 Model-T, was the most significant ever built by the company.  It was the first mass-produced vehicle, introducing the assembly line to a world that has been radically changed by the concept ever since. This is the car that was advertised as being available in any colour you liked, as long as you liked black. Bill and Peggy have been with the CHPC for 14 years. "This group gets together every labour day weekend, and we do a couple-of-weeks trip somewhere in North America," explained Bill.

Pam and Bill Most
Chris Davis photo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Banff and Canmore to host the 2014 Alberta Winter Games

Government of Alberta news release

In 2014, Alberta’s best young athletes will gather in the picturesque Rocky Mountains for the 20th Alberta Winter Games. The communities of Banff and Canmore will jointly host Alberta’s largest multi-sport competition.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pincher Creek High School Rodeo results

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Pincher Creek High School Rodeo played out under brilliant blue skies on Saturday, September 3 and Sunday, September 4.
Nanton's Singing Cowgirl Sage Woolsey
Chris Davis photo
Cowgirl Sage Woolsey kicked things off both days with a rousing version of  'O Canada'.  Breanna Green recited the Cowboy Prayer, and then they were off!
It had rained on Friday before the event, and some of the cowboys and cowgirls found the ground to be a bit harder than usual, and they found that out the hard way in many cases.

Chris Davis photo
Announcer Frank Jenkins kept up a steady stream of patter throughout, often encouraging the contestants to do their best.
Jeff Evenson and DJ McDougall performed the challenging task of Bull Fighting. Blaine Marr and CoBie Herr acted as Pick Up Men.  Tim Bevans and Bob Wilson were the judges, and Vanessa Sproule was the Cutting judge.   The Kennedy, Mitchell, and Stauffer gang kept the arena in shape throughout, a challenge on Saturday particularly.

The Pincher Creek 4-H Club ran the concession stand.
He doesn't like cameras
Chris Davis photo
Stock was acquired from the Nanton Ag Society, Bruce Flewelling, Ty Streeter, the Michalsky family, and Sproule Agro.
Members of the Pincher Creek and Lundbreck Fire Departments were standing by at all times, just in case, volunteering their time and expertise.   Luckily, there was only one injury serious enough to warrant their attention, to Ryley Jenkins of Pincher Creek, who banged up a leg on Sunday.  That didn't stop him from further participation in team roping, and he promised this reporter he would be back in shape for next weekend's Senior Mustangs football game.

For a rundown of the stats and scores from this wild event, click "read more"

Canyon School's Parent Council welcomes students back with bbq

Sheri Monk, Pincher Creek Voice

Canyon School parent council bbq
Sheri Monk photo
Canyon School's parent council hosted a welcome barbecue on September 6, the first day of classes in the 2011/12 school year.
The classrooms were open for students eager to give their parents a tour.

Welcome back!
Sheri Monk photo

Museum bids farewell to livestock until next year

Tracy Glen, Contributor, Pincher Creek Voice

Violet and Lola
Tracy Glen photo
Among the more popular attractions with tourists at the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV) in Pincher Creek has been the donkeys and sheep that live on the grounds during the summer.
Blossom and Lily, the KBPV sheep, and Violet and Lola, the KBPV donkeys,  went to their winter home today. They will be missed by the KBPV staff and visitors alike.

Welcome to bear country

Tracy Glen, Contributor, Pincher Creek Voice

Bear tracks near Waterton
Tracy Glen photo
Tracy Glen & Eric Kreutz came across these tracks on the Waterton River on Saturday, September 3, 2011. We were happy to be heading in the opposite direction!

Tracy Glen photo

In a separate incident, a young black bear was spotted along Highway 6, about 10 km north of the Waterton Park gates.

Sheriffs and RCMP nab unsafe long weekend drivers

Government of Alberta Information Bulletin

In their ongoing efforts to improve safety on Alberta’s highways, sheriff and RCMP integrated traffic units cracked down on unsafe drivers over the Labour Day long weekend.

Alberta government announces new supports for adult female victims of abuse

Press release

A new project in Red Deer will address the long-term treatment needs of adult female victims of family violence.

The Central Alberta Women’s Outreach Society will receive one-time grant funding of $75,000 for the Comprehensive Family Violence Treatment Program.

“Family violence touches far too many lives and preventing it is a shared responsibility. By investing in crime prevention projects like this one today, the Government of Alberta is building the foundation for a safe and secure future,” said Verlyn Olson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

Mustangs PeeWee football kicks off with Claresholm Jamboree

Coach Tom Holoboff, Pincher Creek PeeWee Mustangs

Mustangs at practice
Chris Davis photo
Welcome back Mustang Football fans.
Another season of Mustangs PeeWee football has begun. As always the season kicked off with a Jamboree in Claresholm. For the first game the Mustangs squared off with a familiar rival in the Claresholm Raiders. Both teams showed some moments of brilliance,  with Riley Sokownin leading the new offence under the guiding hand of Coach Travis Liscombe. The new offence installed by coach Travis had the raiders scratching there heads for the first plays as the blocking of John Walker, Austin Bruder, Jaeger Hann, and Tyson Malhi opened up some huge holes for the running backs. Both the Mustangs and Raiders defences employed the 'bend but do not break strategy', leaving the game to end in a 0 - 0 tie. Richie and Micheal Legrandeur led the Mustang defence with a number of game-saving tackles against the Raiders.

Back to school today for local kids

Toni Lucas and Brian Lang, Pincher Creek Voice
Toni Lucas photo

It's Tuesday, September 6, and it's time for local kids to go back to school.

An apple a day... is expensive.  Take care of your tools for school.
Telling your parents that you do not like any of the clothes that you bought last week for school will not win you any points with them.
Claiming peer pressure will not get you out of anything.
Hacking is only allowed in Wood Shop, and only for first-years.
Texting is not a new course for school, nor can you teach it for credit.
The ability to spell and the ability to use spell check are two different skills.
You can read an e-book for a book report.  Handing in a review from the web and saying, "they wrote exactly what I would have said about the book" is not going to fly.
When you take a test, you do not get three life lines.
Having a good attitude, and an open mind will make your day easier.

A mainframe is not the "picture of the day".
WiFi is not a disease.
WoW is, but your students don't know it, and it is not yet recognized as such by the medical profession.
Having a good attitude, and an open mind will make your day easier.

Bus Drivers
Hard drives are one of the things computers and bus drivers have in common.

Be safe, be friendly, remember what you are there for, and have a good term.
Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Minivan and motorbike collide on Waterton Avenue

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

      Around 6 pm this evening, Monday, September 5, there was a collision between a minivan and a motorcycle on Waterton Avenue, at the Maple Street intersection, near the Esso gas station.  The motorcycle rider (a Pincher Creek resident) and a backseat occupant of the minivan were taken to Pincher Creek Hospital with undetermined injuries.  Both appeared to be conscious after the accident.
     Early indicators and eyewitness accounts suggest the van may have been travelling northward and the motorcycle southward on Waterton when one of them made an unexpected turn, resulting in the impact.
     Both vehicles sustained significant damage.
     EMS and the RCMP arrived on the scene in significant numbers to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.

Chris Davis photos

Alberta Land Stewardship Act passed

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Government of Alberta announced the passing of Bill 36, now the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA).  New stewardship regulations will be in effect once regional plans are approved by the provincial cabinet. The ALSA was amended in reaction to negative reactions from property owners who were concerned that appeal and compensation measures seemed to be absent from Bill 36.

Voice reporter gets a roping lesson

Jade Shaw prepares for the big time
Toni Lucas photo
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Walking into the rodeo yesterday, I got a special treat, removed from the main action. Behind the concession building the I saw a young cowboy practicing roping on a dummy calf.  After catching the horns 4 times in a row, I commented to the boy and the man he was with that he seemed to be pretty good at it. "That is Jade, and I'm his big brother," explained the young man and grinned a wide grin as the boy continued to rope.  "He should be good.  He started roping when he was two."

When something goes Wright

  • Former Pincher Creek resident gets a special phone call

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice
Tina Rittinger Peta and Michelle Wright
Claresholm resident Tina Rittinger Peta was awoken from a nap today, Sunday, September 4, by the sound of her telephone ringing.  A day ago she laid to rest her beloved husband, Roger Peta, who passed away unexpectdly last week, and she had forgotten that today had been arranged as the day she could expect a call from Canadian singer/songwriter Michelle Wright. Tina won the grand prize offered by Wright's Facebook 30/30/30 competition, a personal phone call, that ended up being one hour and eight minutes long.

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