Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bantam Mustangs bring it for home game win against Claresholm

Mustangs #41 Ben Riviere on his way to another touchdown
C. Davis photo

Josh Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Saturday, September 29, was a great afternoon for some football, as the Bantam Pincher Creek Mustangs faced down the Claresholm Raiders on the Matthew Halton field. The gorgeous warm weather only served the highlight the bright talent on the field, as the Mustangs pushed forward to a victory on what is quite likely their last home game of the season.

Mustangs #16 Kyle Knowlton heading for a touchdown
J. Davis photo

From the beginning of the first half, the Mustangs worked together to organize a solid defensive front. The Mustangs spent the first quarter denying the Raiders yardage and keeping the game on their own terms. The talented #41 Ben Riviere scored his first of four touchdowns just minutes into the game, securing the Mustangs an early lead. Later in the second quarter he would make another successful run to the end zone. 1 point kicks were made on both major scores, making the Mustang’s lead at the end of the half 14 – 0.

The one who got away...
C. Davis photo
In the third quarter, the Raiders consolidated their defensive line, working hard to keep the Mustangs back. Their efforts were not enough; #41 Ben Riviere broke their line, scoring his third touchdown of the game on the Mustangs third down. The Mustangs made a one point conversion, bringing the score at half-time to 21 – 0. Early in the 4th quarter, #16 Kyle Knowlton made a touchdown, though the Mustangs missed this opportunity for a conversion. The Raiders made their own lone touchdown this quarter, but were denied their attempt at a 2 point conversion. #41 Ben Riviere made his final touchdown of the game towards the end of the quarter, making a run of more than 70 yards, and making up for the string of penalties the Mustangs drew on themselves this quarter.

“They were a good team, they just didn’t have enough bodies” said Mustangs Coach Dan Crawford of the Raiders. “They started with thirteen guys, so they did awesome just to make it through the game. They played well, and we just executed our plays, and did everything we needed to do.”

“We had a good game,” Coach Crawford said. “We got to get all our subs in, everybody got to play. We played some new positions, tried some new plays… it’s working! Anybody that hasn’t come to watch is missing a great game.”

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