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Dragons Senior Basketball teams defeat Sabres and Hawks

Sr. Girls:  Hawks vs Dragons
C. Davis photos and videos
Chris Davis

The Livingstone Sabres Senior Basketball teams hosted their St. Michael's Dragons counterparts on Monday evening, December 17. On Wednesday evening, December 19 the Halton Hawks Senior Basketball teams also hosted the Dragons.

First, a short blooper from Wednesday's Sr. Boys Hawks vs Dragons game:

Senior Girls: Dragons vs Sabres

The Senior Dragons dominated the first half of this game. At the half the score was 29-13 in their favour. In the second half the Sabres really picked up their game, matching the Dragons point for point, and for the most part staying within 16 or 17 points of them. Kelli Potts of the Dragons was having a particularly good game, making many of her signature long-shots, with teammate Carlee Fitzpatrick not far behind her. Sabres Gabi Feller and Reagan Bousquet demonstrated some very intuitive teamwork, and Feller managed to make some great long shots. Elise Wocknitz of the Dragons continues to be a game changer, and the same can be said of Sheanna Schamber and Raelyn Rutledge of the Sabres.

The Sabres ultimately couldn't make up the difference established in the first half, and the game went to the Dragons.

Final score: Dragons 55 - Sabres 38
Sabres top scorers - Raelyn Rutledge, Sheanna Schamber, Reagan Bousquet
Dragons top scorers - Kelli Potts, Carlee Fitzpatrick, Elise Wocknitz

^ video: Sabres vs Dragons Sr. boys and girls

Senior Boys: Dragons vs Sabres - A squeaker

The boys game between the Sr. Sabres and the Dragons was a real back and forth battle between two very evenly matched teams. It got off to a slow start in the first quarter, particularly for the Sabres. Braden Barber of the Dragons poured on the speed, stealing and carrying the ball down the court with startling regularity and also scoring a sweet three pointer. Nathan Bruder's 10 points in the quarter went a long way to the quarter end score, which was 19-5 in the Dragons' favour. The Sabres pulled it together in the second quarter, with big efforts from Chad Cadonic and Aaron Brown. Gabe Rainford of the Dragons got a nice three pointer for the Dragons, as did Nathan Bruder. Sabres' Morgan Cook started to shine near the end of the quarter, and Sabres Cord Delinte put in a rock solid effort. The Sabres outscored the Dragons 18 points to 15 for the quarter, and at the half the score stood at 23-34.

The third quarter turned out to be the best quarter for the Sabres. Aaron Brown scored 14 points, including 2 three pointers for them and Chad Cadonic scored 10 points, including a nice three pointer of his own. Korey Geddes of the Dragons scored 8 points, and Gabe Rainford popped in two three pointers towards a total of 10 points. By about the halfway point in the quarter the score was tied 39-39. Long shots added to the drama as the two teams battled back and forth across the line between win and loss, and the quarter ended in a 57-57 tie.

The final quarter began with another big three pointer for the Dragons from Gabe Rainford. The two teams continued to be quite closely matched, both on the floor and on the scoreboard. The Dragons pulled ahead for a bit, and then it was 67-67. Then the Sabres pulled ahead. With 4 1/2 minutes left the score was 69-68 Sabres. Then Rainford and Matthew Alexander pulled out the stops for the Dragons, pushing the score up and up in their favour, with another Rainford three pointer and two penalty shots and an at-the-buzzer basket for Alexander giving the Dragons an 88-76 victory.

Sabres top scorers - Aaron Brown 29 pts, Chad Cadonic 20 pts, Morgan Cook 12 pts
Dragons top scorers - Gabe Rainford 39 pts, Korey Geddes 18 pts, Nathan Bruder 16 pts

Senior Girls: Hawks vs Dragons

The Senior Girls Hawks were at a definite disadvantage coming into this game against the Dragons. Their already short bench was minus 2, leaving little leeway for substitutions. That aside the Sr. Hawks girls are one of the most improved teams so far this season, and they certainly put in a big effort against the Dragons. The Dragons were ahead by 4 points at the end of the first quarter after some major scoring by Alyssa Barbero, countered by Dragons Elise Wockinitz and Tamara Parkin. Claire Johnson of the Hawks put in a solid effort as well, in this quarter and throughout the game. The Hawks managed to bring the score to 20-20 early in the second quarter, but they were definitely showing signs of fatigue, at the same time as the Dragons were still picking up steam. The Dragons scored 19 points to the Hawks' 10 for the quarter, with a great long shot by Dragons' Catherine DeCock being one of the highlights. At the half the score was 38-25 for the Dragons.

The third quarter made the difference in this game. Already behind, the Hawks were struggling. A notable exception was Larissa McGlynn, newly returned to the court for the Hawks, who scored 7 points in the quarter. Elise Wocknitz tore up the court in her inimitable style, scoring 8 points along the way. The Dragons doubled up on the Hawks 22-11 for the quarter, establishing a lead that the Hawks would find impossible to overcome.

The final quarter belonged to Dragons' Carlee Fitzpatrick, who was getting the long shots for a total of 8 points. The scoring was much closer than in the third, but ultimately the Dragons won it 72-43.

Hawks top scorers - Alyssa Barbero 19 pts, Claire Johnson 8 pts, Larissa McGlynn 7 pts
Dragons top scorers - Elise Wocknitz 16 and Tamara Parkin with 16 points each, Carlee Fitzpatrick and Kelli Potts with 10 points each, Catherine DeCock 9 pts.

Hawks vs Dragons girls and boys

Senior Boys: Hawks vs Dragons

The Senior boys Dragons dominated this game from one end to, well, the one end, over and over again. They were up 22-0 before Austin Sinclair put the Hawks on the scoreboard in the last minute of the first quarter. Long Dragons' passes to Sam Parkinson waiting alone at the basket was a repeating motif. The Hawks were definitely suffering from a short bench, with the injured Graham Milligan forced to participate from the sidelines. The second quarter started out well for the Hawks, with two back-to-back baskets by Austin Sinclair, who has really been getting his game together. By the end of the quarter the Hawks had scored 10 points to 12 for the Dragons, one of the better quarters for the Hawks this season.

The Dragons dominated the second half, to ultimately win the game by a score of 83-22.

Hawks top scorers - Jack Dietze 13 pts, Austin Sinclair 10 pts
Dragons top scorers - Nathan Bruder 22 pts, Kory Geddes 21 pts, Gabe Rainford 19 pts

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