Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 100th Mildred Allred

Mildred Allred with greetings from the Queen and birthday cake
C. Davis photos
Chris Davis

Crestview Lodge resident Mildred Allred was feted on the occasion of her 100th Birthday today.  Pincher Foundation CAO and Facility Manager Millie Loeffler asked her "How does it it feel to be a hundred?"

"It's great, I love it," she replied.

Loeffler presented Mildred with letters of recognition from the Governor General of Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Premier Alison Redford, and Queen Elizabeth.  Pincher Creek Mayor Ernie Olsen presented her with greetings from the Town.  "Well Mildred, it's an honour," said Olsen.  "To be a hundred years old... I don't think I'll make it to seventy.  I watched you walk over here, and I can't walk that well now."

Mildred Allred and Mayor Olsen
"I just want to thank you everybody,  all of you, for being so good to me," said Mildred.  "I enjoy being a hundred, and I guess that's what you're supposed to do."

"Congratulations Mildred, and I hope you have a hundred more," said Loeffler.  "I don't," retorted Mildred.   "What would I do with a hundred more?"

A rousing version of 'Happy Birthday' was sung by friends and staff,, followed by Mildred blowing out the candles on what turned out to be a delicious birthday cake.


  1. Anonymous17/12/12

    Hey young lady!!! You probably don't remember me. My name's Denny O'Brien. Gord and I used to get in trouble together about 44 years ago when you lived on the ranch at Twin Butte. We lived on Spread Eagle ranch. Do you remember the night night of Gord and Pat's wedding when we went in the house and rigged their bed? LOL'
    You have a good day and maybe when Gord gets back from Arizona, we'll come to visit.
    Once again--HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- from Judy and Denny O'Brien

  2. Happy Birthday to a a 100 year young lady (^_^). What a great achievement to attain. Thanks Mildred for being an inspiration to the people around you and around the world to help them in their journey through life.


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