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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spree ends with nakedness on ice, charges

Original story: January 4, 2013
Updated with new information January 5, 2013

RCMP Press release:

Pincher Creek RCMP have charged two women after a pre new years eve outing on December 30, 2012. RCMP were called after a nearly head-on collision left two vehicles damaged, with the complainant having to drive his vehicle off the roadway to narrowly avoid a head-on collision.

The offending driver and passenger then fled from the scene of the collision. Shortly after RCMP located the vehicle and the driver who was subsequently arrested for Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle. RCMP made patrols in an attempt to look for the passenger with no success but were alerted to a disturbance at the arena about the same time that turned out to be related.

The passenger who was also intoxicated had been dropped off at the arena and then proceeded to make her way onto the ice and remove her clothing despite the employees objections, delaying a hockey game.

Tiffany Hourie has been charged with Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle, Leaving the scene of an accident, Refusal to provide a breath sample and other Provincial driving fines. Brittany Hourie has been charged with Indecent Acts, Obstruction of a Police officer and Causing a disturbance. Both women are expected to appear in court later this month.

Interview with iceman Michael Whittington on January 5:

Town of Pincher Creek employee Michael Whittington was working at the Memorial Community Centre Arena on December 30 when this incident occurred.

"She came in off the street, and she was going to fall asleep on our bench," he explained.  "We asked her to leave, she refused.  We had the Castaways (a Rec-League team) getting ready for their game."

"She started out on the ice, I asked her to stay off the ice three times.  The fourth time she went on the ice, I called the cops."

"She got to centre ice, kicked off her shoes, took off her pants, got to the far blue line, took off her top,  I escorted her off the ice into the lobby, where she proceeded to take off her bra.   Then the cops came and took her away."

"That's the first time I've ever had a stripper happen around here."

"The Castaways were watching but the Fort MacLeod team stayed in the change room, and didn't see a thing."

Surveillance video was reportedly taken of the disturbance.

Related link: Yahoo's "Woman arrested after drunken, on-ice striptease at men’s rec league hockey game" with some great quotes from Constable Bob Wright


  1. Anonymous5/1/13

    did you get pictures or a video?

  2. No, we weren't there. There is apparently a surveillance video, but it is unlikely to be released to the public.


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