Monday, February 25, 2013

Senior Huskies skunked in RHL playoffs

Sr. Huskies vs Nanton Palominos
C. Davis and J. Davis photos and video
Chris Davis

A disappointing inaugural season ended Saturday evening, February 23 with a fourth straight loss to Nanton's Palominos in the first round of the Ranchland Hockey League playoffs.

The Huskies were blanked 9-0 and 5-0 in the first two games of the series, lost 5-3 away at Nanton on February 22, and were blanked once more at home 9-0 in the final game of the series.

The Palominos ended the regular season on top of the RHL 4-team standings.  The Huskies ended the season and the post-season in 4th place with 17 losses and 3 wins total.

The other first round playoff series, still ongoing between the Fort Macleod Mustangs and the Lomond Lakers, will go to at least six games.  The winner of that series will play the Palominos for the final playoff round.

Senior Huskies insiders vow the team will be back again next season, and despite a disappointing start an informal poll seems to indicate that most of the Huskies' Pincher Creek are solidly behind the idea as well.

The Ranchland Hockey League is working on adding more teams next season.  From their website

Interested in an RHL Team?

The Ranchland Hockey League is continuing to look for communities who would like to be involved in Senior Men's Hockey. This is a great opportunity for players who have played at a high level and want to continue to play competitive, hard hitting hockey while playing at home or close to home. This also is a good opportunity for local businesses to promote their goods and services to 1000's of people from home games, rink ad's, and other events to local teams put on in their community.Having a Senior Men's team in your community not only gives your community some great inexpensive entertainment, it also allows are kids to have local role models.

If you would like to apply for a RHL team the following must apply for approval by the RHL board:

  • A player list of 20 players that are currently not in the league must be presented.
  • Ice times for a  min of 18 game plus must be approved by your local town council.
  • All bonds, league dues and cards must be able to be paid in full upon approval.
  • Team board members must approve application. Applicants maybe denied based on proposal and past history.
  • Team name can not be the same as any other team in the RHL.
  • There can not be a team already in the same town or area.
  • Teams must comply with Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada Regulations.


  1. Anonymous25/2/13

    Thanks for the coverage this year Chris, we appreciate all you do for us and the community. Our first year was not a dissapoinment however as we never had any pre determined goal of amount of wins we may produce. Our main goal was to build a team of local hockey talent that will stand the test of time. Taking 20 guys that have never played together was a building block in hopes of building a championship team in the coming years, We had more rookies than any other team this year also. We accomplished many good things this year and having the fan support that we did only encourages us to continue on with this team. Winning more would of been nice but with only 4 teams this year we knew the talent in the league was gonna be better than previous years, and we were right, and then to face a team like Nanton that has had the same (or close to) guys for the last 3 years and is a top notch team was tough. Our team never gave up and will be back next year with new goals in mind to help elevate us to a championship caliber.
    Thanks again to the Voice for all you do
    Jeff Kaupp

  2. Thanks for your valuable input, Jeff, and you're very welcome. It's been our pleasure to cover the Huskies this season, and we're looking forward to next.

    - Chris Davis


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