Sunday, February 24, 2013

Water and its life giving music

Rob Bernshaw at Cameron Lake, Waterton National Park
Rob Bernshaw, Columnist

How many of us during our hectic daily lives have taken the time to actually see what is around us and hear the music that is being played for us everyday to enjoy.
In nature there is a symphony of sound that sometimes is misinterpreted as noise to the untrained ear. In nature music comes in many shapes and forms which is not always appreciated as it should be. If we were but to slow down and step back in time to a quieter part of our hectic lives than maybe we would be able to hear the musical sounds being played in nature for our everyday enjoyment.

One very important aspect of life that we are not able to live without is water. As a significant portion of the human body is made up of water(no exact percentages available as it varies with body shape, age and a number of other factors). Suffice it to say that water is very important to our future progression and without it we will shrivel up and wither away.

Life giving music in the water around us is not only limited to the sound of free flowing rivers and streams but is embodied in the hard water under our feet as well. Water is life giving not only to the body but to the soul as captured in the creations of a composer and musician from Norway by the name of  Terje Isungset. He has been able to listen to the ice and hear the music inside. He has used the sound of nature for annual performances in The IceMusic Festival at Geilo Norway. Here is a unique individual that has taken being in harmony with nature to a musical level and after the performances are over returns the instruments to the natural environment from whence they came.

Terje Isungset has learned that nature is not to be covered up in our rush to the future but to be embraced with harmony and balance. After obtaining the musical life giving qualities that benefit body and soul he is able to return back to nature what was given to us for our benefit and enjoyment. He works in harmony with nature rather than cover up nature and its life giving benefits.

As we move forward in what society calls progress towards a future of our making what are we covering up in the process?
There is a constant attack on our water supply by logging concerns and development minded individuals that have lost the ability to hear the music being played and are blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes.

Referring to one of many watersheds across Alberta, the headwaters of the Oldman River basin have been constantly under attack for many years now and if something is not done soon to stop this wanton carnage than our future will be ultimately different than it is now. Proper management of our most important natural resources requires a delicate balance that has been naturally maintained for generations before human beings arrived on the scene to affect the status quo.

The flow of the Oldman River is music to the ears as it gurgles and meanders through lush forests, alpine meadows, and fields of grain along its route to the Bow River to form the South Saskatchewan River. Nourishing and sustaining life along its banks in its long musical journey to the Hudson Bay and eventually to the sea.

Water flows naturally in its course to sustain and maintain life and if we as human beings cannot find more natural ways to be in harmony with our surroundings than there is no one to blame but ourselves for the eventual outcome. What outcome do you desire?
There are many warnings and klaxon bells being sounded for us to hear and to act towards a better future. The question is are we hearing the right music for that to happen? Let us learn to obtain from nature the necessary ingredients for life without totally killing that life giving source in the process. Let us learn to give back instead of always taking in order for future generations to be able to continue to hear the music being played all around us every day.

Get involved and speak up for all to listen and continue to hear the life giving music being played for the benefit of all of us.

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