Thursday, June 27, 2013

Voluntary Restriction on Backcountry Travel and Random Camping Information for areas south of the Red Deer River to Waterton.

The public is being asked to exercise extreme caution in the Backcountry and avoid travel on trails as much as possible.  Due to recent flooding, there are numerous washouts and natural hazards and many trails will be impassable.

As assessments are conducted roads are being opened and closed so conditions can change rapidly. Please obey all road closure signs and barricades. Along open roads, random camping spots may become available as ground conditions improve. Many campgrounds are also open - the public is encouraged to use the formal campgrounds as opposed to random sites where available.

This message applies to the Livingstone Porcupine Area and the following Public Land Use

  • Ghost
  • Kananaskis Country
  • McLean Creek
  • Sibbald Creek
  • Cataract Creek
  • Willow Creek
  • The Castle Special Management Area

Avoid use of backcountry trails until further notice.  The landscape has already been severely damaged by flooding – more damage will occur if these trails are used in this condition. Staying off the trails now will help them recover faster in the long term.

For more information:

Check the kiosks in your area and the follow websites for more information:

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  1. Anonymous28/6/13

    my husband works for the company that is repairing the roads at The Castle Special Management Area and he said the amount of campers and trailers constantly driving around the area is making it extremely difficult and unsafe to repair the roads and creeks.


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