Saturday, August 31, 2013

Birth control recall

Freya-28, an oral contraceptive (birth control product), is being voluntarily recalled from the Canadian market by Mylan Pharmaceuticals after a pharmacy reported that a placebo pill was found in place of an active pill in one package. Packages of Freya-28 (see pictures below) should have three rows of active (white) pills and one row of placebo (green) pills.

Missing one or more active (white) pills could result in reduced effectiveness for contraception, with the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. As of August 27, 2013, there had been no adverse reactions reported to Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

Products affected: Freya-28 (Lots: 3739F001B & 3739F002B)

Packages of Freya-28 should have three rows of active (white) pills and one row of placebo (green) pills.

As of August 27, 2013, the manufacturer, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, had been informed of a single package of Freya-28 containing an error with a placebo pill in the place of an active pill.

The company has informed Health Canada that its other birth control product, Freya-21 is not impacted. Packages of Freya-21 should only have 21 white (active) pills.

Health Canada will continue to monitor the situation and update Canadians and health care practitioners should new information or products, be identified.

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