Saturday, August 31, 2013

High River Alberta A.F. 2013

Rob Bernshaw
Rob Bernshaw, Columnist

High River Alberta A.F. 2013 is a tale of what is happening after one of the worst catastrophes in the history of Alberta, where many people were adversely affected. The title refers to what was ground zero for many residents of the sleepy southern Alberta community of High River, central to the plot of this historic catastrophe, with  A.F. Meaning “After Flood”.

There is an immutable truth in everyone’s lives.

Time will always continue to flow or march steadily and inexorably forward without any control or intervention on our part.

Like water under the bridge (in this tragic scenario over and through bridges and buildings as well) many days have now passed since the massive wall of water  struck many communities in Alberta with such a destructive force that changed thousands of lives forever.

There is no going back to undo the ravages of time, there is only going forward with healing, repairing and rebuilding the lives of people adversely affected in the destructive Alberta floods of 2013.

Life has drastically improved since that tragic June 2013 day in Alberta’s history and the community of High River is starting to regain some normalcy in everyday operations. Even people are starting to get back some sort of continuity in their lives where routine is the order of  the day and the shattered pieces are slowly being put back together.

Life will never be the same for High River residents(nor anyone else) as it was before the catastrophic  Alberta 2013 floods.

What will happen moving forward to help people left behind to regain and retain a quality of life that was once enjoyed but has now been shattered?

MLA Danielle Smith, a concerned High River resident, leader of the Wildrose Official Opposition party and the duly elected representative of the Highwood constituency recently said “What we need to do is community wide flood mitigation.”

Will Albertans continue to view this tragic event as a 1 in 100 year scenario or were the Alberta floods of 2013 a massive call to action?

“We know that these kinds of massive flood waters aren’t just a 1 in 100 year occurrence as people like to say.” Danielle Smith said. “This is the third major flooding that we’ve had in the last 20 years...”

Only time will tell that story(of complacency or of a call to action) as it marches tirelessly forward into the future of endless possibilities and possibly worse floods than have recently occurred in the Alberta of 2013.

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