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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fire destroys two mobile homes at Foothills Trailer Park

Firefighters battle trailer park blaze
Chris Davis - A fire at Pincher Creek's Foothills Trailer Park Tuesday January 14 spread quickly from one mobile home to an adjacent one downwind, ultimately consuming both. No people were injured but several pets perished in the blaze.

RCMP were the ones to call in the fire.  Members of the force were driving close to the area at approximately 11:15/11:20 am, saw the smoke, and went to investigate.  Initially there was only one mobile home on fire near the northeast corner of the trailer park, which then spread to a second mobile home.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) responded to the blaze at approximately 11:30 am. Crews were still on scene putting out hot spots and wrapping up at 3:30 pm.

Early on in the incident
Bruce Lybbert photo

Two mobile homes were demolished by the blaze. Light smoke and water damage affected at least two others adjacent. A brisk wind fanned the flames at times, but several firefighters remarked that it was lucky the winds weren't like they were yesterday, peaking at about 120 km/hr in Pincher Creek.

PCES Captain Jennifer Fisher-Sundberg and Firefighter Jeremy Nelson setting up hoses
Shelley Crowell photo

PCES was assisted by Beaver Mines Fire and Lundbreck Fire (both of which are under the PCES umbrella), and Peigan Fire.   Pincher Creek responded with 2 engines. Lundbreck, Beaver Mines and Peigan Fire responded with one engine each.  An ambulance and other emergency vehicles were also on scene.  18 Emergency Services worked at the scene and 3 or 4 others performed auxiliary duties.

Five members from the Pincher Creek and Piikani RCMP detachments assisted at the scene.  Officers initially evacuated homes in the vicinity and then performed traffic and crowd control.  Town of Pincher Creek Bylaw Officers were also on scene to assist.

"The Fire Department did a really good job of saving the third trailer, it could have spread," said Constable Curwin of the Pincher Creek RCMP detachment.

It is believed that 9 people lost their homes as a result of the fire. At least one of them is currently staying in a local motel at government expense for a couple of days. Aid efforts for those rendered homeless and virtually possessionless are being organized. We will post more information as it becomes available.

"I want to thank the firefighters in Pincher Creek and the outlying stations for doing a great job under very difficult circumstances," said PCES Deputy Chief Pat Neumann.  "It was a difficult fire and our guys did a tremendous job."


The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.  "I don't believe that there is anything suspicious about it at this point in time," said Constable Curwin.  PCES Deputy Chief  Neumann said "The cause of the fire is under investigation.  It appears to be an accidental fire, we are working to determine the cause."


  1. Anonymous15/1/14

    Great Job all Fire Fighters involved, thank you for doing the job you guys do!!!

  2. Excellent coverage, Voicemeister.

    Condolences to the families who have lost so much.


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