Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pincher Creek Town Bylaw Officer Nigel Whittington retires

Nigel Whittington
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Toni Lucas

*Updated with comment from Gord Pitt

"I started working for the town on January 9, eight years ago," said Pincher Creek Town Bylaw Officer Nigel Whittington, who is retiring from the position on Thursday. "I'm done in two days."

"Its been wonderful, wonderful people," he said regarding what made his time working as a bylaw officer special. Whittington said that his favorite part of the job has been working with the mayors, council, and staff.   "They have all treated me well, have all been very good, very supportive. It's sad to move on."

He said there was some disappointment expressed that he has chosen to retire. "They wanted me to stay, but it's time. It's one of those things that is inevitable in life, everyone knows that it's coming, but nobody knows when it's going to happen."

In the capacity of bylaw officer his duties included animal control, loitering, public intoxication, traffic issues, obnoxious weeds, minor wildlife complaints, and other duties. "We do a little bit of everything. We keep the peace."  Other agencies that the bylaw office works with include other Town departments, Fish and Wildlife, RCMP, Alberta Traffic, Alberta Environment, and the health inspector.

"He's leaving some pretty big shoes to fill," said Bylaw Officer Gord Pitt who has worked with Whittington for the last 5 years.  "He's been a great friend, and partner.  The town was lucky to have him."

Before he started working for the town, he did some work in construction and enjoyed guiding in Waterton Park through the Kilmorey Lodge.

He worked with the RCMP for much of his adult life.  He started his career in the RCMP in April of 1971, and retired in October of 2001. "I've been retired now 12 years, going on 13 from the RCMP."   Of his thirty years and 6 months with the RCMP he declined to tell tales.  "There's a story every year with the RCMP."

"I'm just going to take it easy. I have a lot of projects around the house that have to be accomplished, and it's time that I get them done. Initially there's renovations that I will be spending my time on, and getting the house up to snuff." He said that he and his wife Karen are planning to stay in the area, that he will be enjoying his hobbies, and having more time. "Karen and I definitely have the travel bug, we will be be taking advantage of all the travel that we can feasibly get in."

Thank you for your years of service, Mr. Whittington.

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