Friday, January 17, 2014

Senior Boys basketball - Redskins defeat Dragons

Redskins #3 Cole YellowFace and Dragons #11 Matthew Alexander vie for the ball
C. Davis photos and video
Chris Davis, Sports

St. Michael's School's Senior Boys Dragons hosted Piikani's Redskins for a game of basketball on Friday afternoon, January 17.  What began as a relatively even game in the first quarter and part of the second turned into a bit of a rout as the Redskins racked up the baskets, ahead by 20 points or more for much of the third and fourth quarters before ultimately winning the game 78-64.

Redskins #0 Josh CrossChild was a major factor in the Redskins victory, scoring relentlessly for a total of 43 points.  Dragons #7 Justice One Owl also had a good game, scoring a very respectable 21 points.  Other top scorers in the game included Redskins #25 Michael with 17 points and Dragons #11 Matthew  Alexander with 12 points and #10 James Lowry with 10 points.

Dragons #10 James Lowry and Redskins #25 Michael

The Redskins did a good job defensively, keeping the hassle on and forcing the Dragons into trying more shots from outside the key.  The Dragons seemed to be having trouble connecting in general, lots of near misses there that suggest they may prove to be tougher competition once they get on top of their game.

Redskins #22 Fred Small Legs takes a shot
"We were wanting to take better quality shots, from last night's game," said Redskins Coach Barnabay Provost, referring to the Redskins loss against the Livingstone's Sabres.  "So we talked about getting closer to the rim on our shots.  In the first half we really just tried to push the ball up to the basket.  We made an adjustment from last time.  Last time we were walking it out and it wasn't working."

Provost had some praise for the Dragons squad as well, saying that  Matthew Alexander played particularly well.  "Offensive boards, put-backs... he was kind of giving us problems."

Players of the game were Dragons #7 Justice One Owl and #11 Matthew Alexander, and Redskins #0 Josh CrossChild.

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