Thursday, August 28, 2014

Justine has left the building

Justine Jorgensen

Working at the Pincher Creek Voice this summer has been my first ever "real" job. Well, that's not entirely true - last year I did work one day at a greenhouse; unfortunately, a few days later I sustained a rugby injury, thus terminating my ability to be of any use to my employer. So I'm not sure if that counts.

It has been a great experience working as a reporter these past two months. When I showed up on the first day, I spent maybe ten minutes in the office as Toni explained my job, then I was sent out for my first story, on July 1. I have to admit, I might have been a bit flustered amid the Canada Day bustle. Nonetheless, I snapped pictures, took notes, and interviewed strangers, all in all discovering it wasn't as difficult and terrifying as I expected. When I returned to the office at the end of the day, Toni remarked cheerfully, "So you haven't run screaming yet!"

I've always been more on the shy side, and working at the Voice has helped me be more outgoing. One of my biggest qualms of the job was that I would have to interview people - turns out, I didn't really have anything to worry about. I applied for this position because I love writing and taking pictures; also, I honestly just needed a summer job and a way to make some money. Working here has helped me improve my photography skills, taught me a different style of writing, and bettered my people skills.

Now, I'd seen Toni and Chris around town often - after all, I've been involved in countless sports for years, so it was a given. I'd even been covered by them. This summer I got to know them, and they are two of the most hard-working people I know. Toni is always ready to lend a helping hand and has written some beautiful short-stories. Chris is driven and an amazing musician, with such a plethora of memorized songs that it boggles my mind. I am very grateful I had this opportunity to work with them.

The Pincher Creek Voice provided me with the perfect first job this summer. Although journalism isn't something I necessarily want to pursue after high school, I've learned important traits and skills for later on in life. Also, it was just a fun experience. What other summer job would have allowed me to attend sports games and historic events, fly an airplane, and talk to athletes and organizations? I learned about other individual's passions. The thing with writing articles is that you kind of have to know what you're writing about. I had to get names, dates, and facts right - this made me all the more conscious of the subject, thus assuring I learned bunches in the process.

I'm heading off to school in a few days. I would just like to say thank you for this great experience.

Below is a list, from the most recent all the way back to July 1, of all the stories I've written or significantly contributed to. My last, from August 28, was the Pincher Creek Voice's 5200th story.

Marshmallow roast held at Crestview Lodge

Trevor Birkmann talks business with Town Council

Proposed Turcott/Bank of Commerce addition to KBPV discussed again at Town Council meeting
My Boarding School experience in Outlook, Saskatchewan

2014 Lundbreck Corn Fest and Parade

KBPV holds Special Trains event

Slo-Pitch tournament a fundraiser for RHL Huskies Hockey

Cultural exchanges at Pincher Creek Rotary meeting

Heart and Stroke Big Bike event

2014 Pincher Creek Slo-Pitch Tournament

RCMP Musical Ride thrills Pincher Creek crowd


Slow Pitch tournament underway this weekend

Cardston teen Kevin Shipley thrives despite muscular dystophry

New train exhibit and tour coming to KBPV

Ice Cream Social held at Vista Village

Pincher Creek at 2014 Alberta Summer Games in Airdrie

Heritage Acres holds 27th Annual Show

Out and About to August 4, 2014

Fire duty: ESRD Air Attack Program at Pincher Creek Airport

Upcoming shows from Alex Shenton and Bastard Poetry

GGY kids given lawn care demonstration

Local Mustangs participate in Alberta Summer Games

Pincher Creek girls paint mural in Calgary Tower

Beach volleyball season continues

Ashley Glen travels to Malawi

2014 West Castle Wetlands weed pull

7000 feet up with Justine

KBPV to host 2014 Moonlight Cemetery Tour

New color sorter at the Pincher Seed Cleaning Plant


Living with diabetes

Whispering Winds holds fishing derby

Pincher Creek's Dolphins shine at SASG and other meets

Track and Field at the 2014 SASG

Out and About July 14, 2014

Grand opening of Lebel Rose Garden

Out and About at the 2014 Southern Alberta Summer Games

17 and Over and Open Beach Volleyball at the 2014 SASG

Pincher Creek firefighters get hosed

Soccer at the 2014 SASG

Pincher Creek's Sariah Brasnett in CBFN bodybuilding championships

Medalists at the 2014 Southern Alberta Summer Games

Kootenai Brown hosts Canada Day 2014 in Pincher Creek

Boys Rugby season begins


  1. Anonymous29/8/14

    So many truths in your final story.
    Chris and Toni are hard workers, and a great asset to Pincher Creek, and you've provided lots of enjoyable stories over the summer.
    All the best for you Justine in Saskatchewan, and I look forward to Toni and Chris' continuing Voice in Pincher Creek.

  2. Phil Burpee30/8/14

    ...'left the building' indeed - "Thank you - thank you very much."

    Ms. Jorgensen is a young woman so obviously on the road to exemplary success in whatever is her chosen field. She has a keen and sensitive eye for photographic composition, an ease and flourish with the English language, and a spilling-over enthusiasm for whatever matter is before her. We have certainly benefited as a community from her attention to the various stories she was tasked to cover at the Voice, and it should be recognized that this quality of reportage is rare in even the largest of news journals, let alone in a small town in southern Alberta. The kid's given us a great ride.

    Kudos, congratulations, felicitations, and may the road, to be sure, rise up to meet you.

  3. Maybe Justine has left the building but not the hearts of the people she enamored with her compositions in the Pincher Creek Voice.. Chris and Tony of the Pincher Creek Voice along with the many readers were blessed with the short summer renderings in the of Justine Jorgenson. Everyone was blessed with the abilities and talents displayed by Justine along her life long learning path to the future. God Speed in all you do Justine and may you continue to bless others in your future endeavors as you have blessed the readers and staff of the Pincher Creek Voice the summer of 2014.


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