Friday, December 2, 2016

Pincher Creek Humane Society

Pincher Creek Humane Society/SPCA
Respect & Care for ALL Animals

Until further notice we are currently open to the public by appointment only. Call or email for after hour appointments.
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Cisco and Fran 

Cisco - Black and white male, Fran - Brown and black female

These 2 were found in Foothills Trailer Park in Pincher Creek.  We are pretty sure they are sister and brother.  Thankfully some good people found them and took care of them till we could take them in.  They were kind of shy and scared when they first came in, but they are very secure now.  Little Fran demands your attention, while Cisco (little Batman) will hang back a bit until he knows you have your eye on him, and then he becomes a sweetheart. I am sure their very young kitten days were not easy on them, or their Mom, wherever she may be, so they do deserve to go to a loving home.

STATUS:  Not ready to be adopted.

Sweet Keiko is 3 to 4 years old, and was a very emotional surrender.  She was loved very much, but her Mom could not keep her anymore :(   This lovely girl was adopted, but due to the potential adopter not following through, Keiko is up for her adoption again.  Keiko greets everyone that comes to the shelter door and when they leave she thinks that she should go with them!  It breaks our hearts to close the door and see her turn and walk away.  Keiko should be an INDOOR cat only and it would be best if she were the only cat in the home.  She would be better with older children as youngsters kind of scare her.  When Keiko knows she's home she will return every bit of love and attention you give her.  She has a favorite pink heart shaped pillow that has to go with her as she claims it as hers! She loves to talk to you and really listens when you talk to her.  This very pretty lady needs and deserves a once and forever home.  She has been through enough already.  Please, if you are looking for a loving cat, find it in your heart to give Keiko the love and attention for the rest of her life.

STATUS: Ready to be adopted.

Contact us:
P.O. Box 2647,  
Pincher Creek, Alberta  
T0K 1W0

1068 Kettles Street
Telephone: (403) 627-5191
Fax: (403) 627-1406


The Pincher Creek Humane Society has a wide range of animals waiting to be adopted. Whether you want a puppy or kitten or a more mature dog or cat there is someone for you.

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