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Slo-Pitch tournament a fundraiser for RHL Huskies Hockey

A Division 1 and 2 place winners - Prodigy and Boozin' Ballers
* T. Lucas photo

Justine Jorgensen/Toni Lucas

A Slo-Pitch tournament went full swing from Friday August 15 to Sunday August 17. The event was a fundraiser for the RHL Huskies Hockey team; fifteen teams competed, separated into an A Division and a B Division. The teams competed for a spot in the championship games held on Sunday at 5:00 pm. In the A Division the victors were Team Prodigy and in B division the top spot went to the team Red Chair Bears.

B Division #2 winners Ball Busters
*T. Lucas photo

#1 in A Division Prodigy
*T. Lucas photo

#1 in B Division Red Chair Bears
*T. Lucas photo 

A Division - Prodigy, I'd Hit That, Mavericks, Outlaws, Blue Jays, Boozin Ballers, Red
B Division - Canadian Meese, Red Chair Bears, Homeland Security, Twisted Team, Scared Hitless, Below Average Joes, We Got The Runs, Ball Busters

Justine Jorgensen photos except *
"A lot of the guys came out for a weekend of baseball," said organizer Jeff Kaupp.  "It's a pretty friendly tournament, it's all for fun.  Most of the games have been pretty close.  Of course there were a couple of teams that are better, but most of the games have been pretty good.  Every team was guaranteed three round robin games, then this play off format.  15 teams, and all but three are local.  there is a team from Okotoks (Canadian Meese), one from Cranbrook (Boozin' Ballers), and one from Lethbridge (Below Average Joes)."  

The teams played competitively, adjusting to factors such as the wind  and rain, but there was also an easy-going element to the weekend as players lounged in chairs or the grass between games. There was chatter from the diamonds as teammates encouraged one another, laughed at mistakes, and discussed strategy.

*Maia Jorgensen photo
Some teams even made room on their roster and had people join them from eliminated teams as the day progressed on Sunday.

On Sunday with few teams left in the running Prodigy won over the Blue Jays and the Boozin' Ballers beat I'd Hit That to make it to the championship game in A Division  Prodigy  defeated the Boozin' Ballers a wide margin.  

In the B division The Red Chair Bears defeated Homeland Security earn a spot in the final, and Ball Busters defeated Scared Hitless to advance.  The final game between the Red Chair Bears and Ball Busters was back and forth.  This was one of the tightest games in the day, but ultimately the Red Chair Bears were victorious.

"I don't know where to start, it's all a blur," said Kaupp late on Sunday.  "There have been some really close games, and some big plays.  All in all it has been really fun ball to watch.  All the teams have been great, coming out and putting their own teams together."  Kaupp said that three teams were from the local slowpitch league.  "The rest have been family teams,  or friends, stuff like that."

The event was a fundraiser for Pincher Creek's RHL Huskies Hockey team.  The Huskies will start the second week in October.  "It's mainly to cover the cost of ice time, and extra sweaters, referees, stuff like that."  

To find out more about the RHL Huskies  visit their Facebook page at or email

*Maia Jorgensen photo

Justine Jorgensen photos except *

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