Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mustang Teigan Lissel plays for Team Alberta at ABC Border Bowl

Teigan Lissel as a member of the victorious Team Alberta
Kim Lissel photos
Kim Lissel with Chris Davis

Graduating Pincher Creek Senior Mustang Teigan Lissel was picked to play for Team Alberta to play against Team BC in the first ABC Border Bowl for the Current Stars (Grade 11 & 12), held at  Exhibition Stadium in Chilliwack BC on December 13.

Teigan was picked to go, and was the only one there from Southern Alberta.  The next most southern place with representation was Chestermere.  Three other Mustangs team members were asked to go as well but were unable to for various reasons.

Team Alberta and Team BC at Chilliwack's Exhibition Stadium

The game was live-feed televised to every University and College coach in North America. Representatives from the Okanagan Sun were also there watching for a bit.

The game can be watched for 90 days from when it was uploaded at this link (click here).

Alberta won the game by 3 points. The final score was 24-27.  It featured fantastic quarterbacks, fantastic runners, a few plays that had you holding your breath. Alberta's defensive team was so strong. Teigan played cornerback and had two great tackles and almost got an interception. He was "this close".

Teigan earned the "Biggest Heart" award at the 2014 Mustangs award, after three years of Senior Mustangs football, a certified Team Leader. He was also a member of the 2012 SAHSFL Tier 4 Championship team.  He's planning to try out for the Okanagan Sun.

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