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Pincher Creek hockey shorts to December 21, 2014

Local refs Chaz Vance and Nic Jordan after Friday's Peewee Chinooks game

Novice Chinooks defeat Vauxhall Sabres
Rink rat Jet Draper helps out
Double home losses for the Atom Chinooks
Double losses for AA Bantam Rockies
Foothills Bisons blank AA Peewee Rockies

Novice Chinooks defeat Vauxhall Sabres

Novice Chinooks v Vauxhall Sabres

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's Novice Chinooks hosted the Vauxhall Sabres on Saturday, December 20.  Chinooks at the MCC arena.  The Chinooks skated away with a 7 - 1 win.

Chinooks #12 Jaydon Draper 
Chinook Jaydon Draper scored 4 goals with one assist coming from Jaxon Shenton. Lane Conley scored twice, and Maddix Dyck scored once assisted by Conley.  Landon Howy made the sole Sabres goal, and Sabres goalie Vane Ferguson stopped many of the pucks aimed his way.  Bowen Hann was in the net for the Chinooks.

Rink rat Jet Draper helps out

Jet Draper
"A restless young romantic, wants to run the big machine" - Rush

Toni Lucas

During the Novice Chinooks vs Sabres game on Saturday (see above), Jaydon Draper's 3 year old brother Jet was in the stands. Jet was willing to act as a Voice Assistant. He listened carefully to all of the instructions on how to use the video camera, and followed all the instructions. Once the game was on he carefully watched the view screen, keeping an eye on the action. Arena staff member Michael Whittington said that Jet is very careful to follow one of the most important safety rules in the arena: Never cross in front of the Zamboni when it is in transit moving from off the maintenance room to the ice. Whittington said he stays behind the arena doors, and peeks around the edge, excited by this cool machine.

Jet got to talk to Whittington about how the Zamboni worked, and why they clean it while watching the process. Jet was then was allowed to sit in the drivers seat. Maybe when his legs reach the pedals there will be a new Zamboni driver in town. The highlight of his assistance time was getting to take a photo of his mom, Jen Draper.

Jet Draper photo 
Double losses at home for the Atom Chinooks

Toni Lucas and Joey Jackson

Pincher Creek's Atom Chinooks hosted the Raymond Ice on Saturday, December 20.  This was a lacklustre game for the Chinooks, only scoring twice to the 8 points made by the Ice.  Part of the issue may have been absence members making for a short Chinooks bench.  The score at the end of the first period was 3-2 for the Ice.  In the second period the Ice scored 5 points while the Chinooks did not gain any points, taking the score to 8-2 Ice, where it stayed until the end of the game.

Atom Chinooks vs Raymond Ice
Koltyn Kipling and Quinn Miyashiro were in net for the Chinooks and Ice respectively.  Rhett Fitzpatrick scored both goals for the Chinooks unassisted. Ty Fraser scored 4 goals for the Ice with one assist by Bryce Kawade and one by Daxon Helgerson.  Helgerson also scored twice, and Cole Heggie and Gunner Ravoy also scored once each for the Ice.

The next day the Atom Chinooks hosted Picture Butte, with the Chinooks falling to a score of 8-4. While it was close in the beginning, with both teams trading goals up to the end of the first, Picture Butte had an explosive second period to put them well ahead of the Chinooks for the rest of the game. Rhett Fitzpatrick and Drew Stuckey both scored two goals for the Chinooks and Koltyn Kipling made some good saves to keep the game within reach. Ryan Holm had 4 goals for Picture Butte to help his team to their hard won win.

The Atom Chinooks don't play again until December 28 starting at noon at the MCC, when they hope to bounce back against Irvine and get back on track after their last two games and losses. The Chinooks' last win came against Irvine almost a month ago and they look to repeat that performance but this time at home.

Double losses for AA Bantam Rockies

Joey Jackson and Chris Davis

Bantam Rockies vs Bow Valley Timberwolves
Rockies vs Badlands, Jackson Liska with the puck
The AA Bantam Rockies dropped to 0-16 for the season with back to back losses at the MCC arena last weekend. On Saturday December 20 they hosted the Bow Walley Timberwolves.  The Timberwolves blanked the Rockies by a considerable margin.  The next day the Rockies hosted the Brooks Badlands, faring slightly better but still losing 13-3.  Spencer Dorge scored a shorthanded goal for the Rockies, assisted by Jackson Liska.  Liska scored the two other Rockies goals.

Foothills Bisons blank AA Peewee Rockies

AA Peewee Rockies vs Foothills Bisons
Chris Davis

The AA Peewee Rockies hosted the Foothills Bisons at the MCC arena on Saturday, December 20.  The Bisons dominated throughout, blanking the Rockies by a wide margin. The Peewee Rockies are now 0-18 for their their season.

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