Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Boys Basketball - Sabres win barnburner against Dragons

Chris Davis

St. Michael's A Boys Dragons hosted their Livingstone Sabres counterparts for an exciting game of basketball at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium on Thursday evening, January 22.  These two teams are very evenly matched,  and the frequency of tied scores in the first three quarters attested to that.  The game was tied 9-9 at the end of the first quarter. The Dragons pulled ahead slightly in the last minute of the second quarter to be ahead 10-15 at the half.  The two teams were tied or within a point or two of each other for much of the third, but Livingstone began to surge as the Dragons began to flag, particularly in the last two minutes of the quarter, and the Sabres were ahead 28-23 going into the final quarter.  The Sabres also had a 3 point edge in that final quarter to win the game 40-33.

Both of these teams know how to pass the ball, and keep alert for every opportunity.  There were almost none of the costly momentary pauses to watch and absorb the last play or basket that so often costs teams their momentum.  This game was a fast back and forth challenge, with the next play uppermost on the agendas of both teams.

St. Michael's 2014/15 A Dragons
Top scorer in the game was Tyler Gerber (Dragons), who made great 3 pointers in the first and final quarters and also worked the rebounds successfully.  Cole Schweb and Quinlan Connelly-Engel were top scorers for the Sabres with ten points each.  Right behind them were their teammates Justyn Connelly-Engel and Levi Sekella with 8 points each.  Having multiple strong shooters who also know how to pass the ball is perhaps the Sabres' greatest strength.

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