Saturday, January 17, 2015

Battered but unbowed - Midget Huskies defeat Kainai

Chris Davis

It was no surprise that the Midget Huskies defeated Kainai last night at the MCC arena, because the Huskies always defeat Kainai.  What was a little surprising was the much narrower than usual 5-2 final score.  The Huskies had a much smaller bench than usual, with 7 players missing due to injuries or illness. Only 9 Huskies suited up for the game, compared to 17 on the Kainai bench.  Missing somewhat was the dramatic zest the Huskies regularly bring to the game.

Huskies Captain Derek Tarcon demonstrated why he wears the 'C', scoring two unanswered goals in the first period, the first of those unassisted and the second with an assist from Nic Jordan.  The second period played to a draw for the first 3/4 of it, with Huskies goalie Jeremy Kretz and Kainai goalie Maverick Many Grey Horses probably the two busiest young men on the ice. Lots of back and forth. Huskies #26 Marc Sciarra went down with an injury just before the halfway mark, but was ultimately able to stay in the game.  At the 5:01 mark Ethan Richards scored for the Huskies, assisted by Keiran Douglas.  3-0 for the Huskies, and that's where it stayed to the buzzer.  4 penalties for Kainai in the second, including a Game Misconduct for Tristan Black Water, compared to 1 for the Huskies.  Looking for hits instead of watching the puck cost Kainai.

Kainai's Derek Good Dagger put his team on the board early in the third period, assisted by Brady Rabbit and Trey Creighton.  The Huskies answered that with another goal from Derek Tarcon, this time assisted by Ethan Richards and Austin Kristjanson.  Hat trick for Tarcon, one he earned after multiple attempts. A delay of play occurred at 10:19 while the refs sorted out a brouha, ultimately resulting in a hooking penalty for Kristjanson and two Gross Misconducts for Kainai, to Austin Fox and Rabbit Crying Head.  Once play resumed, Derek Tarcon decided to add one to his hat trick, scoring the Huskies 5th and final goal with 6:04 remaining in the game, an assist going to Marc Sciarra.  A nice play, brought to you by the Crowsnest Pass. As the game wound down, tensions were still evident, each team serving two minor penalties.  It looked like it was all over, but with only 12.2 seconds remaining on the clock Kainai's Shay Mistaken Chief put one in, assisted by Derrick Good Dagger, to end the game 5-2 Huskies.

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