Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chinook Sr. Boys Basketball - Blades defeat Hawks

Teigan Lissel takes a shot for the Hawks
Joey Jackson

This was not the game the Sr. Boys Hawks were hoping for coming back from the holidays and from their first win of the season a few weeks prior. The Hawks were able to take down Nanton just before Christmas, but they couldn't bring the kind of game that they played in Nanton to the game they hosted against the Nobleford Blades on Monday January 5th. Poor mistakes and lazy play caused the Hawks to lose 70-35 in what could have been a much closer game if they had continued the intensity that kept the first quarter within a few points.

Matthew Duncan
Teigan Lissel once again led the Hawks in points to try and give his team a second win but after an ankle sprain he was limited to only a few shifts late in the game. Matthew Duncan and Ryan Plante also scored a few baskets for the Hawks but it wasn't enough to keep up with Nobleford’s offence in the third quarter. Keiton Schlamp was able to score a total of 24 points for the Blades, providing most of the defence and offence in the third quarter. The player of the game for the Hawks was split this time, the honour going to Teigan Lissel and Liam Nazarek. Nazarek didn't show up much on the scoresheet but was more of a defensive presence this game.

Liam Nazarek
After what might have been an off night or maybe just lag from the holidays, the Hawks will need to look back to their first win in their previous game against Nanton to learn from their mistakes and get back to their winning ways.

Matthew Duncan

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