Thursday, January 29, 2015

Citizen asks for 30km/hr speed limit in town

Toni Lucas

Gloria LeBlanc, self-described as a relatively new resident to Pincher Creek, appeared before Town Council as a delegation during their regular meeting on Monday evening, January 26.  LeBlanc said she would like the speed reduced along a longer area of Macleod Street, and the whole of the Town of Pincher Creek public roadways reduced to 30 km/hour. LeBlanc said that she lives in Cleland Trailer Park, northeast of the Pincher Creek Aquatic Centre on Macleod Street.  The area is posted as a playground zone with a speed limit of 30 km and has soccer fields, and the recreation center and library at the junction of Main Street.  The speed limit was reduced for a section of this roadway last year after an appeal very similar to LeBlanc's by Vanessa Haggan on March 24, 2014.

Traffic exiting from Waterton Avenue onto Macleod Street was cited as a big concern by LeBlanc. Travelling westbound, the legal and posted speed of 50 km/hr quickly drops to 30 km/hr as one approaches the sharp south turn adjacent to Cleland's Trailer park, other dwellings, and the pool field.

Areas of concern for LeBlanc:

  • Blind spots
  • Heavy foot traffic, including small children and seniors
  • Snow and ice areas on the road
  • Speeding
  • Lack of sidewalks
  • Heavy recreational use

"I just don't want to see anyone get hit," she said, adding she has seen vehicles sliding sideways on Macleod Street.  "As you turn off of Waterton, once you get past where the Vet (Clinic) is, it says 50 there. As you go on south, it's got the 30.  By the time they slow down there to 30, they are skidding around the corner.  So I would like to see the 50 sign changed to a 30."

LeBlanc said she moved here from Osoyoos, BC, and that there the maximum speed limit within the community is 30 km.

LeBlanc said she rented a table at the Ranchland Mall to collect signatures for support to change the speed limit.  "I rented a table for signatures, and some people before they even signed it looked at me and said 'but the speed limit is 30 in town.', I said no, it's 50, and they were shocked.  I have got about 45 signatures to lower the speed."

Later in the same meeting Council addressed the issue.  There were members of council that did not agree to the idea of applying the 30 km/hr speed limit throughout town.  "I think we would be remiss in changing it for the whole town," said Councillor Doug Thornton. Council decided to refer the matter to both the Operations Committee and the Police Advisory Committee.

LeBlanc was asked if she would like to apply for a vacant chair for Member at Large on the new Policing Committee.  "If you are interested in sitting on that committee, and directly having a say in the enforcement of speed around town,  you could have an opportunity to do that, if you wish," said Mayor Don Anderberg.

LeBlanc indicated she would consider applying for the position.

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