Saturday, January 17, 2015

Junior B Boys basketball - Knights defeat Hawks

Toni Lucas

The Matthew Halton Hawks Junior B Boys basketball team hosted Nanton's J.T. Foster Nanton Knights on Thursday evening, January 15. The Knights won by a significant margin, but it was still a fun game to watch. Neither of these teams have had a lot time on the court against an opposing team yet. The Knights have had three games this season, and this was the first home game for the Hawks.

The Knights took a significant lead in the first quarter,  up 10 points while the Hawks had yet to make it to the board. In the second quarter the Knights continued to have a solid lead, the quarter ending 4-19. In the third quarter the Hawks pulled  together, scoring 7 points, a respectable showing, and gained some ground on the Knights, who still commanded a lead by a narrower margin of 11-23. The game ended 19-29.

The Hawks are still a little shaky on the mechanics of the game, but their teamwork is visible. One of the great things about this game was that the kids from both teams were smiling having a good time. Everyone seemed to remember that it was a competition, but first and foremost, a game.

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