Thursday, January 8, 2015

Matthew Halton student artwork featured at Lebel Gallery

Art by Kaitlin Wyatt, Grade 11
Toni Lucas

The Allied Arts Council is presenting a Matthew Halton High School Student Art Show from January 6 - 17 at the Lebel Gallery. The show will focus on artwork by participating students involved within the art program at the school. Lebel Volunteer Curator Elaine Steinke said "We really want to focus on showcasing student art. Hopefully, in the future we can have more substantial time for a show." She explained that the location for a show can be booked sometimes years in advance.  The AAC is hoping to involve local artists and give them the opportunity to see their work respectfully presented to the public. Steinke said "It is a different experience for a young student to see their work in a gallery." She explained that one of the things that the Allied Arts Council would like to do is help these young artists have a positive experience and develop as artists.

The exhibit was curated by local art teachers Laura Pearce from Matthew Halton High School and Karen Tamminga-Paton from Livingstone School.  "As a teacher, I take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate student work," said Pearce. "Currently students in grades seven, ten, eleven, and twelve students have the opportunity to experience art. There is a selection of art work from these students currently hanging on the walls of Lebel Mansion thanks to the support of the Allied Arts Council."  Some of the themes include eyes and drawings of animals constructed from pencils.  Mediums include pencil and pencil crayon drawings, watercolour paintings, construction paper, and one wooden sculpture.  There are some very interesting concepts and excellent realizations from the artists.

This show will be featured at the Lebel Gallery at 696 Kettles Street, Pincher Creek, during regular gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 pm from January 6 - 17.

Art by Marieka Welke, Grade 11  

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