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Notes from Jan.12, 2015 meeting of Pincher Creek Town Council

  • Citizen airs concerns about snow and garbage removal
  • St. Michael's School bus loading zone decision delayed
  • Alleyway closed
  • Tammy Rubbelke to attend Waterton Biosphere Reserve meeting
Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met on the evening of Monday, January 12, 2015. In attendance were Mayor Don Anderberg and councillors Adrian Hartman, Mark Barber, Tammy Rubbelke, and Lorne Jackson. CAO Laurie Wilgosh was also in attendance. Councillors Wayne Elliott and Doug Thornton were absent.

Citizen airs concerns about snow and garbage removal

Citizen Ruby Emshey appeared as a delegation to air her concerns about snow plowing and snow removal near her residence on Christie Street, across from St. Michael's School. She was also concerned about her garbage not being removed regularly. Emshey said in a letter to the Town that her property and to the end of the block "Is the dumping area for all excess snow when the Town of Pincher Creek grader clears snow off the whole street classified as the school zone across from Saint Michael's School." According to Emshey the issue of having excess snow being pushed onto her property is a long standing one that she has repeatedly tried to have addressed. She presented three letters dating back as far as September 2013 that she sent to Town Administration on the issue of plowing. Her most recent letter, received by Town administration on January 5 of this year, states "So all snow was packed against vehicles parked in front of my property. Therefore, my neighbors vehicles only had to drive through a 5 to 6 inch rut while I had minimum 2 feet out from my vehicle almost up to my door window. I could in no way even think of opening my side door of the van to get in least even to think of getting in and driving away to work. I couldn't even get my garbage can out for pick up." She told council this is not the only time she has expressed concerns over her garbage not being picked up.

"Whenever I have phoned the Town of Pincher Creek office to ask why I was plowed in or my garbage was not picked up, they say 'I will look into it', and have never received a call back in the last 5 years or longer," she states in her recent letter.  "I look forward to your response once and for all know why I am treated so different than anyone else on the same block," she states in the letter. In her address to council she added "I have watched them. They get to me, and they turn the plow."

"We developed a new committee, the Operations Committee, because we have issues like this," said Mayor Don Anderberg.  He said Councillor Lorne Jackson, who is on the Operations Committee, would get back to Emshey. Anderberg said that in regards to the garbage pick up, it will be looked into but most times it is due to an obstruction that will not allow the garbage truck and the mechanical arms a safe area of passage and manoeuvring.

St. Michael's School bus loading zone request delayed until more information gathered

St. Michael's School is about to undergo a major renovation project. Parking and traffic congestion at the school during the time before school starts and when it is letting out for the day has been brought forward as a concern in the past to Town Council, as have plowing issues. A letter was sent to the Town of Pincher Creek from Holy Spirit Catholic School Board Secretary Treasurer Lisa Pamarine for a formal request for funding. The letter states "The changes to the bus parking will occur during the period of the school's modernization project, which is scheduled to begin in July 2015 and be completed In July 2017. The estimated cost of the changes to the school bus parking is $118,000. We believe that the proposed changes will provide for much safer loading and unloading of students. We understand that the Town of Pincher Creek provided funding to Livingstone Range School Division for school bus parking at Canyon Elementary School and therefore request that that same consideration be given to Holy Spirit Catholic Schools."  The bus parking zone on the north side of  Canyon school was recently expanded.

Town Administration indicated that funding from a street improvement grant was used to cover the cost of the Canyon School reconfiguration, with a total cost of $46,785.00.

There are additional project costs pending relating to the relocation of two power poles, one of which has two transformers. Administration indicated that there will be more information available within the next 7-10 days from Fortis Alberta. Council decided to discuss the matter again once more information was gathered.

Road closed, permanently

Council gave second and third readings to Bylaw No. 1616-14, for the purpose of closing and disposing of a portion of a short area of alley on West Avenue, located off of Schofield Street, adjacent to Plan 32910, Lot 303. The owners of that lot contacted the Town to request they be able to purchase 2,100 square feet of the property.  They may build a garage on their property in the future. The purchase of that portion of the lane would bring the property in compliance with the land use bylaw setback requirements. The Town of Pincher Creek had a public hearing on this issue in November, and there were no objections to this laneway being closed. The Minister of Transportation approved the bylaw as of December 5, 2015.

Councillor Jackson abstained from voting, as he was not present during the public hearing. Both readings passed unanimously, allowing the alleyway to be closed.

Notes from September 29, 2014 meeting of Pincher Creek Town Council

Tammy Rubbelke to attend Waterton Biosphere Reserve meeting

The Town of Pincher Creek is included in the "Area of Cooperation" on the map of potential zonation provided by the Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association. The Association is currently developing a cooperation plan that will guide future work and direction through 2018. In a letter to Council an invitation was extended to council members to fill out a questionnaire and "Attend one of our cooperation planning forums to be held from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm on January 28, 2015 in Pincher Creek and January 29,2015 in Cardston." Council members were asked to bring their finished questionnaire to administration who would pass them along, and Tammy Rubbelke agreed to attend the forum as a representative of Council.

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