Friday, January 23, 2015

St Michael's Kindergarten visits Ranchland Mall

St. Michael's Kindergarten at Parent Link
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

St. Michael's Kindergarten class made a field trip to Ranchland Mall today, January 23. The children had the chance to visit in Co-op Food Store and find out more about what people do in their jobs there, including the bakery where they sampled cupcakes. They went to Parent Link and played, tried on costumes, and listened at storytime. Teacher Mrs. Adamson said that this was a good learning experience for experiencing places in our community and learning about different jobs that people do.

Erin and Boston having boating fun
The kids had a lot of fun on their field trip.   Each found something special about the day that they enjoyed the most.

Carter likes driving, and Spiderman

Cordelia likes fine food

dress up and play time

Pirate Erin

Carter-Dragon wrangler

Officer Ardyn ready to patrol

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