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Taber Ladies and Crowsnest Men tops at Pincher Creek Curling Club 2015 Combo Bonspiel

Ladies A Division winners: Team Val Leahy - TaberPincher Creek Curling Club photo
Toni Lucas, story and photos
Pincher Creek Curling Club photos and stories

Pincher Creek Curling Club hosted their 2015 Combo Bonspiel January 23-25. The event is a long-standing bonspiel "more than 15 years old". A good turnout of 20 teams took to the ice. Curling is a sport of good sports, and this year for fun the club ran a Pajama Party theme on Saturday, the day of the event supper. The lounge upstairs included a photo-prop bed set up for those that wanted to show their fun side and create a memento of their weekend. A few of the teams and individuals got into the fun, with some ladies in housecoats, pj's, onesies, and of course curlers, with every double entendre fully intended. There were fun PJ party games, pillow fights, and contests. Most if not all of the men declined to wear their nightwear out on the ice. One wag said, 'With what I wear to sleep, it would be too cold to curl." Along with the fun was the serious side of the sporting event.  The bonspiel was divided into Mens and Ladies teams with A, B and C divisions.  The top two teams from A B and C won cash prizes.

Mens A division winners: Team Sam Marra - Crowsnest Pass
Pincher Creek Curling Club photo



  1. Val Leahy - Taber
  2. Jessie Nelson - Pincher Creek


  1. Margaret Bignold - Pincher Creek
  2. Phyllis Abramenko - Pincher Creek

 Deb Sargeant Vicki Koersen Connie Groos of Team Bignold


  • Darra MacDonald - Calgary
  • Flora Griffith - Crowsnest Pass

Jean Waldner, Debbie Whitten, Beverly Pisony, Flora Griffith 



  1. Sam Marra - Crowsnest Pass
  2. Travis Doyle - Fort Macleod

Ken and Ron Team MacDonald

  1. Ron MacDonald - Calgary
  2. Lee Hochstein - Pincher Creek

Kyle Williams

  1. Kyle Williams - Pincher Creek
  2. Greg Shackel - Pincher Creek

The sport on the rink was competitive, but the action upstairs was friendly.  The games and contests that happened after supper were meant to break the ice, add some fun, and have everyone get to know each other better.  There were pillow fights, blindfolded leg shaving contests (with the blades covered), and getting dressed while tied in a sleeping bag among among others.  One team of women came dressed in various states of fecundity in support of their skip who is pregnant.  As a comment of the games and jockularity of the evening, Lisa Holoboff of that team said, "What happens at bonspiel stays at bonspiel." 

Organizers said that they appreciated all the teams coming out, and the great volunteers that helped to make this possible. The next bonspiel in Pincher Creek is the Town and Country Bonspiel, February 9-15. Anyone interested in creating a team, or looking for a placement on a team can contact Bryan at 403-627-2643.

Team Co-operators

Connie Gross and Debbie Sargeant from Taber
A well rounded team taking a pregnant pause: Katie Lemire, Glenda Kettles,
Tracey Ewing and Lisa Holoboff (front)
Pillow fight!!  Oh, those lady curlers!

Find the clothes inside of the bag and get dressed
Curling Club photo
A close shave
Curling Club photo

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