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Livingstone Sabres top Sr. Boys team at 2015 Hawks Basketball Classic

First place: Livingstone Sabres
Second place: St. Michael's Dragons
Third place: Hanna Hawks
Consolation Finalists: Kainai Warriors
Host team: Matthew Halton's Hawks
Chris Davis/Toni Lucas (story/photos/videos)
Randy Whitehead and crew (stats)
Kim Jorgenson and Renee Michaud (photos)

Matthew Halton High School's Hawks hosted their 6th annual Hawks Classic Basketball Tournament last weekend on February 20 and 21.  8 Senior Boys teams and 8 Senior Girls teams participated.  Organizer Randy Whitehead and a large crew of volunteers and referees once again presented a seamless event.

Early games in the tournament were often won by a wide margin, but the games got more even and exciting as the tournament progressed.

We're dividing our coverage into two stories, one for each draw (Boys and Girls) because of the amount of material involved.  Click here for our coverage of the Girls games.

Participating Boys teams
Halton Hawks (Pincher Creek)
Titans (Coaldale)
Couguars (Calgary)
Hanna Hawks
Warriors (Kainai)
Livingstone Sabres (Lundbreck)
Celtics (Taber)
Dragons (Pincher Creek)

Tournament Boys MVP
Eric Cadonic, Livingstone Sabres
MVP Eric Cadonic (Sabres)
Tournament All-Stars
Josh Cruz (Celtics)
Roan Mountain Horse (Warriors)
Danny Davis (Hanna Hawks)
Bradley Oostenbrug (Titans)
Matthew Duncan (Halton Hawks)
Kyle Espiritu (Couguars)
Chet Root (Dragons)
Ross Cook (Sabres)

Ecole de la Rose Sauvage Girls and Boys Couguars
Note: the games below have gaps in the numbering system.  The missing numbers were Girls games, reported on elsewhere.

Game 2 Hanna Hawks vs Warriors

Hanna's Hawks defeated Kainai's Warriors by a wide margin for the opening game of the Boys draw. Top scorer in the game was Danny Davis (Hawks) with 26 points, including a nice 3-pointer near the close of the final quarter.  Hawks Braidan Goulet and Zack Gregoire each scored 12 points.  Top Warriors scorer was Mackenzie Cross Child with 13 points.  Reo Raugust was Player of the Game for the Hawks.  Timothy Eagle Speaker was Player of the Game for the Warriors.

Game 4 Couguars vs Dragons

St. Michael's Dragons defeated Ecole de La Rose's Couguars by a wide margin.  Top scorer in the game was Jake Varley of the Dragons with 23 points, including a 3-pointer.  Calvin Cooley of the Dragons scored 16 points, including three 3-pointers, and was named Dragons Player of the Game.  Jean-Michel Fiena was Player of the Game for the Couguars.

Game 6 Celtics vs Sabres

Livingstone's Sabres defeated St. Mary's Celtics by a wide margin.  Eric Cadonic (Sabres) was top scorer in the game with 21 points, 15 of which came in the first quarter, including a 3-pointer.  Ross Cook (Sabres) scored 17 points, including a 3-pointer.  Sabres Player of the Game was Chris Cail, who also scored 13 points.  Celtics top scorer was Josh Cruz with 13 points.  Celtics Player of the Game was Cortland Christenson.

Game 8 MHHS Hawks vs Titans

Coaldale's Christian Titans won this game against host team the Matthew Halton Hawks by a wide margin.  Top scorer in the game was Bradley Oostenbrug (Titans) with 26 points, including a 3-pointer.  Kyle de Leeuw (Titans) scored 20 points.  Liam Nazarek was top Hawks scorer with 13 points, including two 3-pointers, followed by teammates Jack Mitchell (including a 3-pointer) and Matthew Duncan with 10 points each.  Matthew Duncan was Hawks Player of the Game.  Tyler Hofsink was Player of the Game for the Titans, and shot a 3-pointer in each of the final two quarters.    

Game 10 Couguars vs Warriors

The Warriors won this hard fought game by a wide margin after having a very strong second half. At the half, the game was tied 32 - 32. A lot of fouls this game.  Mackenzie Cross Child was the Player of the Game for the Warriors and also the top scorer with 22 points.  Patrick Matchett was Player of the Game for the Couguars.

Game 12 MHHS Hawks vs Celtics
Hawks vs Celtics (Matthew Duncan, right, was top scorer)

St. Mary's Celtics won this one by a wide margin.  Top scorer in the game was Matthew Duncan of the Hawks with 23 points.  Celtics top scorer was Wyatt Fielder with 18 points.  Hawks Player of the Game Teigan Lissel scored 17 points.  Celtics Player of the Game Kennedy Perry scored 15 points.

Game 15 Dragons vs Hanna Hawks

This was the first truly close game of the Boys draw, as the winners of games 2 and 4 faced each other. There was huge hometown/home-gym support for the Dragons and the Hawks also had a vocal contingent.  It was exciting throughout. Neck and neck through the first half, the Hawks were ahead 27-24 going into the third quarter.  The Dragons were overplaying their hand a bit during the first half, until near the end of the second quarter, when they began to play like the team we're used to seeing.  Then Mitchell Zoratti scored 11 points for the Dragons in the the third, with the whole team pulling together, a quarter that saw the Dragons outscore Hawks 21-9.  The Hawks bounced back from that disastrous third to outscore the Dragons 26-16, but it wasn't enough to change the final outcome: Dragons 72, Hanna Hawks 64.

Top scorer and Player of the Game for the Dragons was Mitchell Zoratti with 17 points, including a 3-pointer.  Jake Varley scored 13 points for the Dragons.  Chet Root scored 10 points for the Dragons.  Top scorer for the Hawks was Cody Hickle with 12 points, followed by teammate Zack Gregoire with 11 points.  Hawks Player of the Game was Josh Hart.  Hart scored two 3-pointers and Gregoire scored three 3-pointers in the final quarter in a valiant attempt to turn the game around for the Hawks, an attempt that almost succeeded.

Game 16 Titans vs Sabres

This was a topsy-turvy high energy game.  The Sabres won by a definitive margin, but not without having to work for it.  The Sabres came out flying, to establish a significant lead early on.  The Titans bounced back and won the second quarter, then the Sabres ramped it up again in the third.  The two teams were matched at 12 points each in the final quarter.  High scorer for the game was Titans Bradley Oostenbrug with 28 points, including three 3-pointers.  Sabres top scorer was Ross Cook with 19 points, including three 3-pointers.  Eric Cadonic scored 15 points for the Sabres, including three 3-pointers.  Chris Cail scored 12 points for the Sabres.    Jonathan Erickson scored 14 points for the Sabres and was named their Player of the Game.  Nico Ringelberg was Player of the Game for the Titans. 

Game 19 Boys Consolation Final
Celtics vs Warriors

Behind at the half and still behind at the end of the third quarter, Kainai's Warriors surged in the final quarter for the upset game of the Boys draw, defeating St. Mary's Celtics 70-52 in the Boys Consolation Final.
Kainai's top scorers were Timothy Eagle Speaker with 12 points and Wyatt Buckskin with 10 points. Wyatt Buckskin was also Kainai Player of the Game.

Top scorers for the Celtics were Kennedy Perry with 17 points and Josh Cruz with 16 points. Wyatt Fielder was Celtics Player of the Game.

Josh Cruz (Celtics) and Roan Mountain Horse (Warriors) were named as tournament All-Stars.

Game 20 MHHS Hawks vs Couguars

Ecole de La Rose's Couguars defeated Matthew Halton's Hawks by a wide margin in this game. The low point of the tournament occurred when Hawk Liam Nazarek hit the bleachers hard by accident/overenthusiasm, laying him low for a considerable amount of time with a bad thump to the head.  Pincher Creek Emergency Services responded and ultimately released him on-scene, and he was helping keep score for the next game.

Top scorers for the Couguars were Andy Gosselin with 34 points and Jean Michel Fieni with 14 points.  Andy Gosselin was named Couguars Player of the Game.

Top scorers for the Dragons were Teigan Lissel with 17 points and Matthew Duncan with 15 points, including a 3-pointer each. Vincent Sayer was Player of the Game for the Hawks.

Matthew Duncan (Hawks) and Kyle Espiritu (Couguars) were named as tournament All-Stars.

Game 21 for Third place
Titans vs Hanna Hawks 

J.C. Charyk's Hanna Hawks defeated Coaldale's Christian Titans by a wide margin to earn Third place in the tournament.  What started as an evenly matched game slowly but surely turned into a blowout, with the Hawks making some big shots in the last five minutes.  The same big shots that weren't connecting in their game against the Dragons put the Hawks well ahead this time out.

Top scorer for the Hawks was Danny Davis with 29 points (including 5 3-pointers) and Cody Hickle with 11 points. Cody Hickle was also named Player of the Game for the Hawks. Danny Davis was named a tournament All-Star.

Tope scorers for the Titans were Bradley Oostenbrug with 26 points and Tyler Hofsink with 12 points (from 4 3-pointers).  Kyle de Leeuw was Player of the Game for the Titans.  Bradley Oostenbrug was named a tournament All-Star.

Game 24 for First place and Second place
Sabres vs Dragons

A slow start cost St. Michael's Dragons dearly in this contest between locals for first place.  The Matthew Halton gym was packed with fans of both teams, and the energy level was high on and off court.  Eric Cadonic of the Sabres had a big first quarter, scoring 12 points to lead his team to a 20-7 lead over the Dragons at the end of the quarter.  The Dragons got their groove back in the second quarter, in which they were outscored by the Sabres by only 4 points.  At the half the Sabres were ahead 41-24.  The two teams battled hard in the third, with the Sabres edging the Dragons by only 2 points in the quarter.  The Dragons poured it on in the final quarter, outscoring the Sabres 16-12, but it wasn't enough to change the ultimate outcome of the game.  Final score 72-57 Sabres.  Sabres earned Gold, Dragons earned Silver.

All-Star Ross Cook with the ball
Top scorers for the Dragons were Mitchell Zoratti with 13 points and Michael Svab with 12 points. Michael Svab was also named Dragons Player of the Game. Chet Root was named a tournament All-Star.

Top scorers for the Sabres were Eric Cadonic with 23 points and Ross Cook with 15 points. Brandon Hilbert was Sabres Player of the Game. Ross Cook was named a tournament All-Star. Eric Cadonic was named Tournament Most Valuable Player (Boys).

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