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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 Pincher Creek Atom Chinooks Tournament

First Place: Beiseker Blazers
Second Place: Pincher Creek Atom Chinooks
Third Place: Okotoks Atom 5 Oilers
Chris Davis with Joey Jackson

Pincher Creek's Atom Chinooks hosted their 2015 Tournament at the Memorial Community Centre Arena February 6-8. Five teams participated.  The Chinooks were the only Spud League in the tournament, so it was exciting to see them play and excel against unknown adversaries.  Each game had three 25 minute run-time periods.  Beiseker's Blazers went home undefeated for the weekend after defeating the Chinooks 4-2 in the final game, resulting in a respectable second place finish for the Chinooks.  Okotoks' Oilers earned third place after defeating Bassano's Outlaws in the 3rd/4th place final.

Participating teams:
Bassano Outlaws
Beiseker Blazers T3B
Okotoks 5 Oilers
Pincher Creek Chinooks
Shaw Meadows Bolts 4 (Calgary)

Chinooks in the tournament

Chinooks vs Oilers
The Chinooks began the tournament with a definitive 9-1 win against the Oilers in the first game of the tournament on Friday evening, February 6.  The next day they defeated the Outlaws by a wide margin, and were in turn defeated 10-3 by the very strong Blazers.  As it transpired, that was the best showing any team had against the Blazers before the final game.  The Chinooks defeated the Bolts 7-2 in the second to last game of Saturday.

Chinooks vs Outlaws
Chinooks vs Bolts
Meanwhile, the Blazers steamrolled all opposition.  Once the results of the pre-final games were tabulated the Chinooks had 6 points and the Blazers had 6, the two top teams of the tournament. The Blazers were undefeated and the Chinooks' only loss was against the Blazers, but that loss was by a large margin. They faced each other Sunday afternoon for the final game.  This time the Chinooks were better prepared, and as it turned out were at the top of their game.

Chinooks vs Blazers
The Blazers got off to a strong start, peppering Chinooks goalie Koltyn Kipling during the opening minutes of the game, but the combination of Kipper's focused and energetic goaltending and solid work from his defencemen gave the Chinooks forwards time to gather their wits.  Once they did, they tone of the game changed.  The game went from a given outcome to a real contest between equals in a hurry.  The Chinooks offence found their feet and began to challenge the Blazers in ways they'd been unchallenged before throughout the tournament.  Lots of back and forth, but perhaps the biggest story here was the determined and organized defensive efforts from the home team.  The Chinooks also demonstrated a much improved passing play.  In short, the Chinooks were giving as good as they were getting.

Chinooks Captain #6 Riley Potts scored two unanswered goals in the last five minutes of the first period, both of them assisted by #14 Travis Bastien.  The Chinooks D kept shutting down or frustrating every attempt by the Blazers.  2-0 for the Chinooks at the end of the first, against a team that had trounced them earlier in the tournament.  A great, dramatic period of hockey.

The Blazers lived up to their name at the outset of the second period, blistering Kipper's crease in a determined effort to turn the game around.  Blazers #11 Ethan Meyer scored at the 22:24 mark, assisted by Carson Kalinchuk and Spencer Kunz. 2-1.  Then the Blazers changed goalies, from Braeden Johns to Kaleb Rolica.  Both of these young men were equally proficient between the posts.  Back and forth went the play, neither team giving quarter.  Then, with 9:30 on the clock, Blazers #6 Nolan Bell scored one of the most dramatic goals of the tournament to tie it 2-2.  He was assisted by Riley Westlund and another player (unclear as to who that was, if you know, let us know).   The Chinooks battled back, but that's where it stood at the buzzer.

So, final period of the final game.  The Chinooks have at this point held off to a draw one of the toughest opponents they've faced this season.  Unfortunately, they began the period flatfooted, and that slow start cost them the game.  Just 51 seconds into the period Ethan Meyer popped in his second of the game for the Blazers, assisted by Aiden Schopf and Kalinchuk.  3-1 Blazers. A minute and three seconds later Blazers #7 Kole McInnis scored, assisted by Nolan Bell and Riley Westlund.  4-2 Blazers.  The Chinooks found their feet again, but it was too late.  Lots of back and forth in this high energy contest, but no more scoring.  First place for the Blazers, Second place for the Chinooks.  A hugely entertaining game to cap a very entertaining tournament.

Kudos to the organizers, coaches, officials, volunteers, and (most of) the parents.  It takes a lot of work, and for the visiting teams a lot of travel as well, to pull off a successful event like this one.

Chinooks scoring stats:
Riley Potts - 3 hat tricks and 4 other goals (total of 13 goals) plus 8 assists
Aidan Potts - 4 goals and 2 assists
Rhett Fitzpatrick - 2 goals and 4 assists
Jaron Scotton - 1 goal and 6 assists
Drew Stuckey - 4 goals
Kieran Randall - 3 goals
Mayz Vance - 2 goals and 1 assist
Travis Bastien - 1 goal and 3 assists
Shenoa Jessen - 2 assists
Koltyn Kipling - 2 goals (and stopped a lot of pucks)
Brody Crosschild - 1 goal


Chinooks (9) vs Oilers (1)

Hat trick from Chinooks #6 Riley Potts. Two goals from Chinooks #4 Drew Stuckey. Other Chinooks goals from Rhett Fitzpatrick, Kieran Randall, Aidan Potts, and Mayz Vance. 2 Chinooks assists each from Riley Potts and Shenoa Jessen, other Chinooks assists from Rhett Fitzpatrick and Jaron Scotton. The Oilers goal came from #11 Tristan Mead with assists from Liam Smith and Alexander Edgerton.

Blazers (11) vs Bolts (1)

5 goals from Blazers #6 Nolan Bell. 1 goal and 3 assists from Blazers #8 Riley Westlund. 2 goals from Blazers #2 Keeryn Johnson. Other Blazers goals from Aiden Schopf, Kole McInnis and Spencer Kunz. The Bolts goal came from #12 Mahen Nissanka, assisted by #7 Rylan Rushka.

Chinooks (win) vs Outlaws

4 goals and 2 assists for Chinooks #6 Riley Potts. 1 goals and 2 assists each for Chinooks Jaron Scotton and Rhett Fitzpatrick. 2 goals each for Chinooks Drew Stuckey and Kieran Randall. Other Chinooks goals from Aidan Potts, Shenoa Jessen, Mayz Vance, and Travis Bastien. Outlaws goals (unassisted) from Eric Fladhamer and Dayne Collett.

Oilers (win) vs Bolts

Blazers (10) vs Chinooks (3)

Hat trick and an assist from Blazers #8 Riley Westlund. 2 goals and an assist from Blazers #9 Carson Kalinchuk. 2 goals from Blazers #6 Nolan Bell. 1 goal and 1 assist from Blazers #5 Brody Wingenbach. 1 goal each from Blazers Aiden Schopf and Spencer Kunz. Other Blazers assists from Ethan Meyer, Keeryn Johnson, and Kole McInnis. 1 goal and 1 assist each from Chinooks Riley Potts, Aidan Potts, and Jaron Scotton. Chinooks assist from Mayz Vance.

All three Chinooks goals occurred in the first period, and they were ahead 3-1 going into the second. The Blazers dominated the second and third periods.

Oilers (3) vs Outlaws (0)

2 goals from Oilers #14 Oliver Faye and one goal from #2 Seth Rabut.

Chinooks (7) vs Bolts (2)

Hat trick and 2 assists from Chinooks #6 Riley Potts. 2 goals from Chinooks #23 Koltyn Kipling. 1 goal and 2 assists from Chinooks #Aidan Potts. 1 goal from Chinooks #24 Brody Crosschild. 2 assists from Chinooks #2 Jaron Scotton. 1 assist from Chinooks #14 Travis Bastien. Rhett Fitzpatrick served in net for the Chinooks this time out. Bolts goals from #9 Alexander Lott and #19 Daniel Ingalls, with an assist from #5 Timothy Hillis.

Outlaws (9) vs Bolts (1)

Hat trick and and assist from Outlaws #18 Dayne Collett. 2 goals each for Outlaws Riley Lunn and Dustin Holm. 1 goal and 1 assist each from Outlaws Tristen Fraser and Eric Fladhamer. Scoring for the Bolts was #2 Andre Villanueva, assisted by Alexander Lott.

Blazers (win) vs Outlaws

6 goals and 3 assists for Blazers #8 Riley Westlund. Hat trick and 3 assists for Blazers #6 Nolan Bell. Other Blazers goals from Spencer Kunz, Carson Kalinchuk, Aiden Schopf, and Keeryn Johnson. 2 assists for Blazers #17 Zach Harnach. Outlaws goals came from #18 Dayne Collett and #7 Dustin Holm, with an assist from #17 Alonzo Barron.

Blazers (win) vs Oilers

Beiseker's Blazers blanked the Okotoks Oilers in this game.

Blazers goals/assists: #8 Riley Westlund - 5 goals, 3 assists; #6 Nolan Bell - 3 goals, 2 assists; #7 Kole McInnis - 2 goals, 2 assists; #15 Spencer Kunz - 1 goal, 2 assists, #5 Brody Wigenbach - 1 goal, 2 assists; #11 Ethan Meyer - 1 goal, 1 assist; #17 Zach Harnack - 1 goal. Other assists from Carson Kalinchuk, Aiden Schopf, and Keeryn Johnson.

Oilers vs Outlaws

Third/Fourth Place Game
Okotoks Oilers (10) vs Bassano Outlaws (4)

The Okotoks Oilers earned Third Place after defeating Bassano's Outlaws 10-4 in this game. it was the second game in a row for the Oilers, who faced the formidable Blazers in the game right before. Earlier in the tournament the Oilers defeated the Outlaws 3-0.

4 goals and 2 assists from Oilers #11 Tristan Mead. 2 goals and 4 assists from Oilers #15 Ted Tell. 1 goal and one assist from Oilers #8 Curtis Kendall. Other Oilers goals from Seth Rabut, Kaden Raknerud and Alexander Edgerton. 2 assists from Oilers #4 Gavin Bishop. Other Oilers assists came from Liam Smith and Landen Wickman. 1 goal and 1 assist came from Outlaws #3 Tristen Fraser. Other Outlaws goals from Dustin Holm, Riley Lunn, and Dayne Collett. Other Outlaws assists from Alonzo Barron and Garnet Miller.

First/Second Place Game
Beiseker Blazers (4) vs Pincher Creek Chinooks (2)

2 goals from Blazers #11 Ethan Meyer. 1 goal and 1 assist from Blazers #6 Nolan Bell. 1 goal from Blazers #7 Kole McInnis. 2 assists each from Blazers Carson Kalinchuk and Riley Westlund. Other Blazers assists from Spencer Kunz and Aiden Schopf. Both Chinooks goals from #6 Riley Potts, both assisted by #14 Travis Bastien.

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