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Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Pincher Creek Initiation Tournament

2014/15 Pincher Creek Initiation Chinooks
2014/15 Lethbridge Red Ninjas

2014/15 Cardston Thunder
2014/15 Lethbridge Blue Lightning

Toni Lucas

The Pincher Creek Initiation Chinooks hosted their 2015 Pincher Creek Timbits Initiation Tournament on Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14. Four teams with players from 4 to 6 years old got to show their best moves on the ice: the Pincher Creek Chinooks, the Lethbridge Red Ninjas, the Lethbridge Blue Lightning, and the Cardston Thunder.

The kids are learning discipline, how to listen to and take direction from their coaches, teamwork, individual responsibility, and how to play with others. They are learning the game and so much more. They learn social interaction, good sportsmanship, critical thinking, and hand-eye and physical coordination. Every move is playing in a world of physics including force, collisions, vectors, coefficient, friction and drag, and projectile motion. Oh, and gravity.  All of this knowledge can take a lifetime to hone, or even recognize, but the roots are there, and the instincts are being developed.

Best of all these kids are doing this while having fun, with the support of friends and family, and a lot of fun was happening both on and off the ice. The lobby was decorated with hockey sticks on the entrance doors that listed each player individually, historic Pincher Creek Jerseys festooned the ceiling, and the raffle table glittered with gold icicles. The programs included hockey-based word games, and there were colouring books in the lobby.


Each team played three games comprised of two 22 minute periods.

Winning teams for each game are listed first:
  1. Chinooks vs Red Ninjas
  2. Blue Lightning vs Thunder
  3. Blue Lightning vs Chinooks
  4. Red Ninjas vs Thunder
  5. Blue Lightning vs Red Ninjas
  6. Chinooks vs Thunder

After each of the last two games medals were awarded to all the tired children that were standing tall on the ice, who had pushed their limits all day. As they grow, they will hopefully look back on these days with a special fondness.

Red Ninjas #14 Kutcher Aquila said his favorite part of the game was shooting on the net.

Chinooks #12 Kaydence North Peigan said he enjoyed playing goal and being in face offs.

Blue Lightning #9 Levi O'Day was in the net for game three. He answered the question 'How long have you played hockey?' with a well thought answer - "Every Game."  That's dedication, folks.

Cardston Thunder
1 Gus Kutsch, 2 Wyley Kutsch, 3 Rupert Cunningham, 4 Tedie Weasel Moccasin, 5 Zachery Tailfeathers, 6 Seth Playfair, 7 Daylin Manyfinger, 8 Bennett Easthope, 9 James Cunningham, 10 Nate Harty, 11 Rhegan Shade, 12 Rogan Bruised Head, 14 Koda Weasel Moccasin, 15 Maddox Appel, 22 Powell Ford, 44 Nixon Allred

Lethbridge Blue Lightning
2 Evan Boulter, 3 Brayden Gunn, 4 Brevyn Low, 5 Rylan Ng, 6 Brody Douglas, 7 Grant Gliege, 8 Lucas Burton, 9 Levi O'Day, 10 Lena Loomer, 11 Evan Machum, 12 Jack Schneyder, 13 Johnny Heggie, 14 Maya Hockley, 15 Jayda Chodyka, 16 Brendan Wawro.

Lethbridge Red Ninjas
2 Peyton Hendrickson, 3 Blaize Burgwal, 4 Austin Schwindt, 5 Nolan Honess, 6 Karver Kish, 7 Nolan Pilsner, 8 Gavin Couillard, 9 Austin Scales, 10 Addy Miller, 11 Parker Stengler, 12 Teya McTavish, 14 Kutcher Aquila, 15 Damon Richter, 16 Cash Walker, 17 Exodis Stalker

Pincher Creek Chinooks
2 Tuff Yellowhorn, 3 Keegan Yellowhorn, 4 Cashe Kropinak, 5 Sasha Lepine, 6 Hunter Little Bear, 7 Carter McGlynn, 8 Hunter McMullen, 9 Elwood Stanfield, 10 Maddox Prout, 11 Brady Bonertz, 12 Kaydence North Peigan, 14 Rowan Mackenzie, 15 Daelan Breeze, 15 Kayson Crowshoe, 15 Manny Little Mustache, 16 Mackenzy Potts, 17 Maxum Kettles, 18 Ava Jensen

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