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Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 Sabres B Girls and Hawks B Boys basketball tournaments

Gold for St. Michael's B Dragons at Sabres tourney
submitted photo
Livingstone Jr. B Girls Tournament

Livingstone's Jr. B Girls Sabres hosted a basketball tournament in Lundbreck on January 31. Congratulations to St. Michael's Jr. B Dragons Girls, who took first place.

MHHS B Hawks at Livingstone Tournament
submitted photo
The B Girls Hawks came in 4th and won the sportsmanship award, earning them a new basketball.

Halton B Boys Hawks Tournament

Piikani won this year's Halton B Boys Hawks championship, held January 31, after defeating St. Michael's Dragons 41-35 in the final.

Six teams participated, including Piikani, WCCHS Cobras, Livingstone Sabres, St. Michael's Dragons, Irvine, and the Hawks.

Here's how the tourney played out, with thanks again to Randy Whitehead:  
  1. Piikani defeated Hawks 37-18.  POG: Mathew North Peigan (Piikani) and Jarret Plante (Hawks).
  2. Dragons defeated Cobras 41-37.  POG: Chayton N. (Cobras) and Mathias Gelber (Dragons).
  3. Piikani defeated Sabres.  POG: Bryan K. (Sabres) and Duke P. (Piikani)
  4. Cobras defeated Irvine.
  5. Sabres defeated Hawks 40-31. 
  6. Dragons defeated Irvine.
  7. Consolation: Irvine defeated Hawks 41-21. POG: James O. (Irvine) and Ewen Erickson (Hawks)
  8. 3rd Place: Cobras defeated Sabres 57-32.  POG: Ethan P. (Cobras) and Eric S. (Sabres)
  9. Final: Piikani defeated Dragons 41-35.  POG: Taite Jessen (Dragons) and Riley North Peigan (Piikani).
Other notes:
  • A Girls - Dragons defeated the Hawks to earn 3rd place at the Vauxhall tournament on January 24.
  • B Boys - Piikani defeated the Hawks on February 3 in Brocket.
  • B Girls - Piikani defeated Hawks on February 3 in Brocket.

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