Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Girls basketball - Dragons defeat Hawks

2014/15 A Girls Dragons
Chelan Citrigno photo
Toni Lucas

St. Michael's Jr. A Girls Dragons hosted their cross-town rivals the Hawks for a competitive game of basketball on the evening of February 13.  Lots of back and forth in this game, with the Dragons having the edge in every quarter to win it 29-14.  Dragon Olivia Citrigno was top scorer in the game with 12 points.

Hawks Coach Wayne Hollander said "They beat us by about 20 (actually, it was by 15) , and they won the league.  We have one more game left, and if we win it, we should be in second place."  That final SWJHAA league game for the Hawks is against Crowsnest Pass, scheduled for February 24.

The A Dragons will go to Zones at the 2J level and the Hawks go to Zones at the 3J level.

Playoffs begin in early March at Matthew Halton School.

T. Lucas photos and video

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