Friday, February 13, 2015

AED installed at Ranchland Mall

PCES Chief Dave Cox (left)  and  EMT Lynn Brasnett (centre, holding AED) with Ranchland Mall Tenants Association representatives Taylor Liscombe, Joanne Paton,  Doug Paton, Nicki Schoening, Loretta Packham

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Emergency Services Chief Dave Cox and Lieutenant/EMT Lynn Brasnett from the Pincher Creek Fire Brigade delivered an automated external defibrillator (AED) to the Ranchland Mall on Monday, February 9, and showed a number of members of the Ranchland Mall Tenants Association (RMTA) how to use it properly. The unit is used during a cardiac arrhythmia, and help the patient to establish a proper heart rhythm again in the case of a heart attack. Cox said "It's made so anybody can use it." Although the device can help save a life, Brasnett cautioned that if someone is down and not responding it is essential to call 911 immediately.
The unit was purchased by the RMTA, Pincher Creek Co-op and through  fundraising efforts during the Harvest Festival held Saturday, September 27. A number of people took a trip in the dunk tank to help raise the funds including Pincher Creek Emergency Services Chief Dave Cox, MD of Pincher Creek councillor Fred Schoening, and Town of Pincher Creek councillor Wayne Elliott.

Councillor Schoening in the fundraising dunk tank
C. Davis file photo

During the training session Brasnett showed how the AED worked, and said that the machine will talk a person through every step of the procedure and will not deliver an electrical shock to a person that has a healthy heart rhythm. RMTA President Nicki Schoening said "I think this is an important thing for us, and a security blanket for an aging population."

The AED costs approximately $2,000 and will be monitored and serviced by the Pincher Creek Fire Brigade (PCFB). PCFB does volunteer work and fundraising in the community and has helped a number of service groups get an AED for their sites, including the Pincher Creek Community Hall, Huddlestun Centre, Pincher Creek Pool, the MCC Arena, Windsor Centre, Heritage Acres and Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village.

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