Saturday, February 14, 2015

B Boys basketball - Dragons defeat Hawks

B Dragons vs Hawks
Toni Lucas

St. Michael's B Boys Dragons hosted Matthew Halton's Hawks for a game of basketball on the evening of February 13.  The Dragons won by a wide margin, displaying advanced skill in handling and moving the ball up the court.  Lance Palao was top scorer for the Dragons with 14 points followed by teammate Joseph Lowry with 10 points.  Dragons Mathias Gelber and Ethan Choi and Hawk Ben Mitchell scored 8 points each.

The B Boys Dragons are scheduled to play J.T. Foster's Raiders in Nanton on February 24.  The B Boys Hawks are scheduled to host TMS 2 (Kainai) the same day, which is the last day of scheduled regular SWJHAA league games.  After that, playoffs in March.

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