Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Brian Jean enters Wildrose leadership race, secures Fildebrandt endorsement

Brian Jean
Wildrose press release

Former Fort McMurray-Athabasca Member of Parliament Brian Jean announced today that his is seeking the leadership of the Wildrose Party.  Jean, a lawyer and Fort McMurray businessman, launched his campaign with a speech highlighting his personal experiences with Alberta's broken health system and the PC government's fiscal irresponsibility. "I think Alberta deserves a well-run efficient government that applies good Albertan common sense and the Alberta work ethic to the important activities of government," said Jean. "I think small government, low taxes, and common-sense efficiencies are how you actually serve people. Those are Wildrose principles, they have always been my principles."

Jean was introduced and endorsed by Derek Fildebrandt, a former Canadian Taxpayer's Federation Alberta spokesman and the Wildrose candidate for Strathmore-Brooks. "Brian is the leader who can take Wildrose forward and give Albertans the honest and accountable government they deserve," said Fildebrandt. "Brian has real world business and community experience. He has significant government experience, and he has the work ethic and the judgement to lead Alberta."

Jean committed to "reaching out to Wildrose members and to all Albertans to build a strong team that can win the Wildrose leadership and impress Alberta in the next election." He emphasized that the current government no longer gets the big things right and that "Alberta needs Wildrose to make this government honest and accountable."

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