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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chinook League basketball update

St. Michael's Sr. Dragons
Patty Zoratti photo

The 2014/15 Chinook League Basketball season is heating up as the Post Season looms ahead. Below are the most recently updated (on February 3) Chinook Basketball stats.  A big shout out to Matthew Halton School's Randy Whitehead.  When Coach Whitehead isn't arranging tournaments or dreaming about Rugby he's busy updating the Chinook Basketball website, an invaluable source of information about the 19-team league, from whence these stats come.  He expends a similar amount of energy on Jr. A and B SWJHAA basketball events.

SR Boys standings from chinookbasketball.weebly.com:

Locally, the SR Boys Livingstone's Sabres and St. Michael's Dragons provide some great entertainment, when they're playing each other and when they're playing other teams. The Sabres defeated the Dragons 73-51 on January 7.

Matthew Halton's Hawks are struggling this season, with only one win so far and some big losses.

Kainai and Piikani are closely matched this season. On January 7 Kainai hosted and defeated Piikani 62-53.  On January 29 Piikani hosted and lost to Coalhurst by a wide margin.  On February 2 Piikani defeated J.T. Foster by an even wider margin.

SR Boys Dragons
  • The Dragons scorched Noble Central's Blades at the Nobleford court by a very wide margin on January 19.
  • The Dragons missed Gold at Nanton's tournament last weekend by just 4 points in the final game against Foremost.  According to Dragons Assistant Coach Matt Rainford that game was "Very physical."  Dragon Chet Root took a "nasty hit" in that game.
  • The Dragons defeated Vulcan 79-45 on February 2.  On February 4 they defeated Halton's Hawks by an extremely large margin.
SR Girls standings from chinookbasketball.weebly.com

SR Girls Dragons update
  • On January 4 the Dragons hosted NCS, winning that game by a wide margin.
  • On January 19 the Dragons hosted Noble Central, who won that contest 62-52.
  • Dragon Rebecca Lowry is a fixture atop the top scorer charts.
SR Girls Hawks update
  • The SR Girls Hawks earned second place in the Ryley tournament on January 31.
  • The SR Girls Hawks defeated Coalhurst 46-43 on February 2, in Coalhurst.

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