Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crestview Lodge January 2015 in review

Greetings from Crestview Lodge

January was a strange month. The first week we were in flu outbreak mode, which made all activities come to a halt. Residents didn’t like it much but they survived it and thank God it was a short time. It did give me a chance to catch up on paper work and clean up files including updating computer files for the New Year.

Then we swung into regular programing. On the 15th, the three course lunch the Mathew Halton culinary students put on was really amazing. We had a choice of 3 kinds of appetizers, main meal and deserts. It was hard to choose from each category as they all sounded wonderful. We also partook in some virgin margaritas and sangrias. Wow the students did a great job.

On the 16th we had the 4-H swine club come and play bingo with us. That was a great crowd of very polite young people. It was fun and a pleasure to have them join us that afternoon.

On the 22nd we went to the Legion for their Seniors Party to celebrate the New Year. It was a fun time with great food. The band that was playing was called Playin' Country and they have come to play at Crestview lots and remembered us with warm hellos. One of our residents Frida won a door prize that just tickled her fancy. Another resident Maxine won some money on pull-tabs. The rest of us had fun visiting and laughing. We did send the Legion a thank you card from all of us at Crestview for putting on such a great party.

The 23rd was a busy day indeed. We had both St. Michael’s and Canyon kids come join us for multiple activities. St. Michael’s students were doing interviews with residents on what it was like growing up. Canyon kids were playing shuffle bowling and ladder golf with residents. It was fun watching everyone enjoy the busy morning. In the evening we had John Adset play for us at the birthday party. He has a wonderful voice and he plays a lot of the hymns they love.

We went to Whispering Winds for coffee on the 26th. It was a big turn out which of course leads to really great visits with many wonderful people. Whispering Winds wants to set up the last Monday of every month to have a bingo that they will host. We are considering putting that outing on the calendar as a regular outing.

The 28th was coffee at Vista Village. That too was a great visit since we just had 2 residents that recently moved there, come out to the coffee area and visit with us. These outings do help keep us in touch with residents and community alike.

Pub Night was with Boyd Low as our entertainer. Boyd is a great singer and sings the songs we love to dance along to. Then when he takes a break he hands out gifts to winners of the tickets called. Some times its funny dollar store items. This time it was chocolate hearts, roses and lips in celebration of the up and coming Valentine’s Day. It was a night of giggles and fun.

TaTa for now.

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