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Monday, February 23, 2015

Fireball burns bright in southern Alberta night

Neil Zeller @Neil_Zee photograph of meteorite breaking up over Calgary

Bruce Mowat, Contributor


At 10:55 this evening a huge fireball burnt through the sky of the M.D. of  Pincher Creek, traveling south to north.  It looked like it had a tail of fire fifty miles long. It lit up the country sky. As it was going through the sky I thought it was a jet burning up, initially.

Editor's note: Other confirmations of this sighting from Twitter user @jerman1983:

February 25 update: Contributor Tyson Henderson sent in the following video of the object, which he took while walking out from Monster Fitness in Pincher Creek.

Eugene Wilson reports "I watched the meteor over Lethbridge for about 2 minutes as it was travelling north on the same trajectory I have seen some planes take to get to Calgary and thought it was a high altitude plane burning and breaking up. I tried to get a photo but my camera phone was whited out by street lamps."

If you saw the object, or took photos or video we'd love to hear from you at pinchercreekvoice@gmail.com

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