Friday, February 13, 2015

F.P. Walshe / Matthew Halton Combined School Bands thrills Pincher audience

Grades 8-12
The F.P. Walshe / Matthew Halton Combined School Bands performed at Matthew Halton School on February 4, once again under the baton of Conductor Rick Bullock.  A repertoire of classics, modern pops, and esoteric gems thrilled the audience.  Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Patterson played bass for most of the Senior High performances, and was a featured performer on keyboard near the end of the evening's programme.

Mr. Bullock called it a building year for the band, having the high school performers stand, followed by the grade 9s and the grade 8s.  The latter two age groups outnumbered the veteran performers.  "As you can see, we're young, with a great future ahead of us."

Ryan Patterson

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