Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Janelle Myles raises $1,768.50 for Pincher Creek Women's Emergency Shelter

Mildred Crow Eagle, Sherri, Shandelle, Janelle, and Roberta Myles

Toni Lucas

Janelle Myles is a Grade 6 student attending Canyon School in Pincher Creek. She recently participated in WE Day, a social initiative that helps young citizens to be aware of how they can improve the world both locally and globally.  Janelle chose to pursue a local and global issue with her WE Day project, focusing on abuse against women.   "It's something that happens, and not everybody's aware of it."  She held a fundraiser for the Pincher Creek Women's Emergency Shelter Association (PCWESA).    Pincher Creek Co-op donated space in the Ranchland Mall December 13 to host the fundraiser, titled 'Make a Difference with Janelle and Stop Abuse Now Jellybean Fundraiser'.  Through her efforts $1,768.50 was raised for the PCWESA, and additional supplies like new toys, toothpaste and toothbrushes were gathered.  "It's for the Women's Shelter so that they can feed women, and give the kids more toys to play with."

"We had craft sale, kind of, and an auction, and a concession, and a fish pond," Janelle said.  She was pleased with the results of her efforts. "It made me feel a lot happier, and better about myself."    She is planning to continue volunteering in the future.  Janelle had a great deal of help from friends and family.  Her younger sister Shandelle (in Grade 2 at Canyon School) helped with the event and took care of the fish pond, which had prizes participants could fish for.  Shandelle said she wants to raise funds for abused children when she is older.

"Janelle has a very big heart, and cares very deeply, which is unusual for kids this age," said PCWESA Executive Director Julie Coleman.  She was impressed by how much Janelle and her family and friends had done on their own.  "They organized the day themselves, they had all the donations there, they had all the tables set up.  We didn't do anything except show up."  Coleman explained that this kind of generosity has a very positive effect on the organization and the people that they are trying to help.   Coleman said the majority of the funds allocated for PCWESA is 'core funding'.  "It's really restricted, it's all earmarked."  Donations like Janelle's really help fill in the cracks. "These are unrestricted dollars,  so we can top up anything that we need for the women in here.  If they need extra clothing, or special meals..."  Child Support Worker Mildred Crow Eagle also explained to the girls how the extra funds would help provide more to the children she helps.

If anyone would like to donate to the Women's Shelter please contact them at 403-627-2114.

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