Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jr. Boys basketball - Knights defeat Sabres

Sabres #21 Hunter Olson and Knights #9 Tyler Jones at the tip off
C. Davis photos and video
Chris Davis

Livingstone's B Boys Sabres hosted Nanton's Knights for a brisk game of basketball on the evening of February 4.  The Knights won the game 51-30.  The Sabres worked hard for every one of their points, to the very end.  Knights #9 Tyler Jones was a game changer, towering over the other players and scoring 31 of his team's points.  Sabres #3 Chad Bousquet had a good game and was their top scorer with 12 points. Despite the disparity in points it was an exciting game to watch, with the Sabres showing a huge improvement compared to the start of their season.  They're playing as a team now, and it's going to serve them well going forward.

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