Monday, February 16, 2015

Ladies party at Fifty Shades of Grey premiere

Fox Theatre's Edith Becker 
Toni Lucas

The Fox Theatre in Pincher Creek hosted a special gala event to premiere the controversial 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie on February 12, two days before Valentines Day. It was a ladies only event. Before the film was shown in both cinemas the theatre lobby was filled with ladies enjoying appetizers from the Cast Iron Grill and perusing the wares from Passion Party Small Town Diva Jessica McClelland, while sipping on champagne.

Small Town Diva Jessica McClelland is passionate about passion
The subject matter of the movie sparked conversation before and after the showing.  Some of the ladies in attendance were already familiar with the story from the reading the novel, and some were not. Theatre owner Edith Becker said she had seen the movie previous to the event and found it to be tastefully done. 

Daniele Oullette of the Cast Iron Grill
The story? Boy meets girl, and there is attraction on both sides of the equation. Typical for a story released so close to Valentine's Day. The twist: Boy likes non-conventional sexual practices that Girl is inexperienced with. This complicates the courtship, but she is curious and interested in him enough to explore his tastes.

Champagne and roses - Julie Millar 
The movie itself is well crafted with lovely cinematography, beautiful and elegant settings, and of course a buffet of erotic scenes. Ladies emitted giggles and gasps at different points, and at one point the theatre fell silent for a few moments, the hush punctuated by the quiet rain from the movie soundtrack.

The movie has received mixed reviews and is a huge box office success.  The event at the Fox was something fun and different, a nice evening out for the ladies in attendance.

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