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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Local author portrays authentic ranch life in Poll Haven mystery


February 2, 2015. Local author Locke Marshall has recently published his first novel. It is a work of fiction, a mystery set in southwestern Alberta and, more specifically, the Poll Haven Community Pasture. The central figure is a young rancher who finds himself the target of something sinister after discovering his partner killed in what first appears to be an accident.

“After first trying to create an intriguing mystery, representing cattlemen as more than the typical Hollywood cowboy stereotype was one of my main goals in this book,” explains the author. “I also slipped in a bit of local lore that I hope readers will enjoy.”

C. Locke Marshall has lived the bulk of his life in Canada’s Rocky Mountains and he loves the wild, windy prairie and mountain interface that makes the place unique. Marshall holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and works as a park manager in Waterton Lakes National Park, next door to his hometown hamlet of Mountain View. He has also worked as a nature and culture guide in the area and enjoys horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, and wildlife viewing. He continues to make his home and raise a family in the area.

Visit www.friesenpress.com or contact the author to learn more about the book or to order one.

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