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Monday, February 2, 2015

MD approves Cyr Road project

Chris Davis

At their January 13, 2015 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 approved the signing of a contract with Emard Excavating Ltd. to correct erosion, road width, and line of sight issues with the Bill Cyr Road (Range Road 29-5) and its intersection with Township Road 6-0, located just south and east of the town of Pincher Creek. Six tenders were received for the project, and Emard's was the lowest with a total tender value of $370,815.00. The project is anticipated to cost $461,466.50 in total, which is $61,466.50 more than the $400,000.00 originally budgeted for it in the MD's 2015 Capital Plan, with funding to come from   the Capital Reserves Road Construction account.

Expense totals:
Contract Amount (Less Site Gee) $358,215.00
Contingency (10%) $35,821.50
Potential Site Occupancy Bonus (2 days x $900.00) $1,800.00
Right-of- Way Purchase $3,630.00
Environmental Permitting $12,000.00
Estimated Engineering $50000.00
TOTAL $461,466.50

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