Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Novice Chinooks finish regular season at the top of the Spud League standings

Novice Chinooks vs Taber Oil Kings
J. Jackson photos/videos

  • Update:  A Novice playoff game has been added to the schedule - Saturday February 28, 3:45-5:45 vs Kainai

Joey Jackson

The Novice Chinooks had a very busy weekend, playing three games in two days. They defeated Cardston's Thunder 6-5 on Friday February 20th in Cardston, then they played two games on Saturday February 21st in Pincher Creek. They won their first game against the Raymond Ice 6-5, and the last game of the weekend, against the Taber Oil Kings, ended in a 4-4 tie.

Jaydon Draper and Walker Anderson both had 2 goals in the win against the Thunder, Finn Stanfield and Lane Conley also scored in that win. The game against Raymond was a lot closer than the Chinooks would have liked, 3 goals were scored in the final 5 minutes of the game between the 2 teams and the deciding goal came in the last 30 seconds. Jaydon Draper had 2 goals and an assist, Lane Conley and Walker Anderson also had 2 goals with Walker getting the late-game winner. The Chinooks' last game of the weekend was against the Taber's Oil Kings*, and it was the toughest of the 3. Neither team was able to take a commanding lead throughout the game.  The longest lead, belonging to the Chinooks, only lasted around 4 minutes. Jaydon Draper added 2 more goals to his total, finishing off the 3 games with a total of 6. Walker Anderson scored one more to end with 5 total and Lane Conley tallied another to get 4.

Jaydon Draper with the puck (vs Raymond Ice)

Chinook Walker Anderson and a member of the Raymond Ice contest for the puck

These were the last Novice games of their regular season. Jaydon Draper was the number 1 scorer in the Novice B division during the regular season with an incredible 39 goals and 7 assists in the 12 games he played. The Novice Chinooks finished the season with an excellent record, 10 wins 1 loss and 3 ties, and are the regular season Novice B Spud League champs.  They will face Kainai in the first round of Spud League playoffs, with a home game scheduled for Saturday February 28, 3:45-5:45 vs Kainai.*

Novice Chinooks vs Taber Oil Kings
Walker Anderson with the puck (vs Raymond Ice)
*corrected for accuracy/updated

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