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Pincher Creek Town Council proclaims March 11 'Hockey Jersey Day' in support of Kraft Hockeyville contest

Jenaya Launstein nominated Pincher Creek in the Kraft Hockeyville contest 
John Launstein photo

Toni Lucas/Chris Davis

At the regular meeting of Pincher Creek Town Council yesterday evening, Monday February 23, councillor Wayne Elliott asked to have Wednesday, March 11, 2015 proclaimed 'Hockey Jersey Day' in Pincher Creek to help create more momentum for the town's nomination in the Kraft Hockeyville contest. Pincher Creek was nominated by local hockey enthusiast and award winning photographer Jenaya Launstein.

Town of Pincher Creek Councillor Wayne Elliott in his Panthers jersey
T. Lucas photo
To support his request councillor Elliott wore a Pincher Creek Panthers jersey circa 1976-77.  The Panthers were a local World Hockey Association team before moving to Calgary to become the now defunct Calgary Jr. A Royals. Council unanimously agreed to his proposal. Afterward Elliott said "The biggest thing is getting the community spirit going." He said he would like to see everyone getting photos of themselves and their friends in hockey jerseys to support the bid.

When asked what inspired her to nominate Pincher Creek for the Kraft Hockeyville contest, Jenaya Launstein said "I think Pincher deserves to be the next Hockeyville because we are a great hockey community. I nominated Pincher Creek because I noticed our arena could use some updates, and I think it would be amazing to host an NHL preseason game! Especially if it were the Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers." Asked if she was a Flames fan or an Oilers fan she was quick to reply "Calgary Flames!! I actually have 3 jerseys and a ton of other merchandise. My skates are even coordinating colors with the team colors, haha".

Jenaya at Flames Fest with Sean Monahan behind her
John Launstein photo
"You could say I'm a hardcore fan!"

Launstein explained the prizes in the contest:
  • First place - $100,000 in arena upgrades and an NHL preseason game held in their arena (if everything goes as planned), I also believe it'll be on TV! 
  • Second place - $100,000 in arena upgrades
  • 8 third place winners - $25,000 in arena upgrades each
The contest has three stages, and is currently in stage 1, which includes 1,037 communities across Canada (70 in Alberta).

How to get involved (from Jenaya Launstein):
I've had a lot of questions recently about how you can support Pincher Creek for Kraft Hockeyville. Well, here's some answers! You can post hockey related (or Hockeyville related) pictures on Instagram or Twitter with #khv_pinchercreek . You can post pictures, your hockey stories, why you want Pincher to win, or maybe even what you think should be improved at the arena, in the comments section of this link. In my opinion, what the judges want to see is community support, and things that showcase our love for hockey. Remember that every little bit counts!
From the Kraft Hockeyville website:
When voting starts, March 21 for the Top 10 and March 28 for the the Top Two Finalists, click any of the “Vote Now” buttons you will see across the site for the Top 10 communities. From there you can select the finalist you’d like to vote for by clicking on their nomination. Then find the “Vote” button!
Here at the Pincher Creek Voice we've been doing our part, uploading pictures and story links to Twitter using the #khv_pinchercreek hashtag on a daily basis. It's easy to do, and works just as well with Instagram.

Launstein was named the 2013 Youth Photographer of The Year by Nature's Best and the awards ceremony was held at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History this past winter. "My image is on display there through April 20, 2015." She conducted this interview via Facebook while on a photo jaunt to British Columbia. "We are in the Fraser Valley, but we've been photographing all over the Lower Mainland!"

Her photography keeps her busy, too busy for team sports, but she still enjoys playing hockey when she can. "Whenever the lakes and ponds freeze over... I'm out playing hockey! I also played for the Pincher Creek ball hockey team in the Southern Alberta Summer Games this past summer, and it was a blast. I hope to do it again this year. I'm also always playing ball hockey with my little brother in the garage or outside."

"I SERIOUSLY enjoy going to the local games. The Midget Huskies are on fire this season! It's been fun to watch."

In addition to posting to Instagram or Twitter (here's the hastag again: #khv_pinchercreek ) Launstein suggests people should post their Pincher Creek hockey memories or anything like that in the comments section of the Pincher Creek nomination page. "We need to show our support like crazy!"

"Maybe commenting on the nomination page with what people think need improved around the arena."

Launstein has one big wish, unfulfilled so far - she'd really like to have a Midget Huskies jersey to wear when she's out supporting the team, which is now contesting playoffs and Provincials after a very successful regular season. Yes folks, that's a hint.

To see some of Jenaya Launstein's award winning photography, visit her family's website at

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