Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Prescription drug abuse awareness rally held at Piikani Nation

Lexxia Warrior with her drum at Piikani rally
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Chris Davis

A prescription drug abuse awareness rally was held at Piikani Nation on February 12.  Of particular concern is Oxy 80,  the abuse of which has been reported as having a devastating effect on the nearby Blood Reserve. According to sources Oxy 80 is also a major concern for Piikani Nation youth, and may be present in the Pincher Creek community as well. Similar rallies and information meetings were held at Moccasin Flats near Cardston on January 19 by the Blood Tribe, at Stand Off on January 20 and 22, and in Lethbridge at the Sik-Ooh-Kotoki Friendship Society on January 21.

Piikani prescription drug abuse awareness rally
Oxy 80 contains the powerful narcotic fentanyl, and according to the Blood Tribe Police "can easily lead to a physical dependency and offer a high risk of overdose and death".  A number of recent Blood Tribe deaths are believed to be related to Oxy 80 use and abuse.

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